2008 Yamaha R6 – Supersport Motorcycle

When Motorcycle USA finished riding the ‘revised’ 2008 Yamaha YZF-R6 at Laguna Seca earlier this year, there was no doubt the bike was primed to push the Honda to the brink on the track. See how the 2008 Yamaha R6 did in MotorcycleUSA.com’s Supersport Shootout by going to www.motorcycle-usa.com

25 Responses to “2008 Yamaha R6 – Supersport Motorcycle”

  1. skid16v says:

    American bike challange without american bike :d

  2. zyou8er says:

    The things i would do to her, i mean the bike lol

  3. root9king says:

    @hinesdeal82291 – I’m still not seeing that comment, but if I said it, I was being facetious to make my point. 😉

  4. hinesdeal82291 says:

    @root9king You mentioned about how many thrashed 600’s were in the junkyard and my insurance just further backs that up. Too many people starting on too much bike. I have been reading your conversation with GibsonElectricl and you brought up the junked 600’s Well if kids weren’t wrecking them all the time full coverage wouldn’t be 8k a year for me lol, just further supports your argument lol.

  5. root9king says:

    @Valo1256 – The re-designed swingarm is the major reason for the improved, high speed stability on the ’08 R6. The bike sucks up bumps at full lean like Cookie Monster gobbles up cookies!

  6. root9king says:

    @hinesdeal82291 – Exactly. SO much fun to be had on a light, nimble, single cyl thumper! I’m looking for another KTM Duke come Spring!

  7. root9king says:

    @hinesdeal82291 I’m not sure what you’re replying to, but “$8K per year” for full coverage insurance? That’s robbery, and no one should pay that. I pay $880 for completely FULL coverage on my ’08 R6 through Progressive. That’s w/ a clean record and no tix in past 5 years.

  8. hinesdeal82291 says:

    @root9king Corner speed and momentum, two things I’m learning alot about by riding with my buddies on their dual sports. When riding with these guys on dual sports I actually stay in a higher gear and lug my bike just so I can’t use my power as an excuse to make up for my lack of corner speed. You can learn a ton from those bikes.

  9. hinesdeal82291 says:

    @root9king 8k per year for full coverage for me (no way in hell I would pay that), but that should say how many people wreck 600’s. Thats with a clean record by the way, and yes I’m younger guy.

  10. hinesdeal82291 says:

    @ultul1 You’re right you don’t need to be able to handle the bike to it’s full potential on the street, well that’s really impossible to do on the street and live. I guess what I mean is that I see too many people riding around on supersports and they can’t do anything more with the bike than pin the throttle in a straight line. I will be the first to tell you that I can’t even come close to using my R6 to it’s limits. I very rarely even find an opportunity to use my slipper clutch.

  11. ultul1 says:

    @hinesdeal82291 i fully agree with you, though even if it is a waste but do you really need to be able to handle a bike to its fully extend when your not driving on the track? i mean the bike offers a lot of advantages i can enjoy even if i don’t drive with 150 mph and the knee on the ground, especially not on the street. so imo if you want to be able to ride this bike like it should practice and use it only on the race track, because in daily life all you need is to go grom a to b.
    no offence

  12. hinesdeal82291 says:

    @ultul1 and yes there are people that will start out on something extreme and be fine.. Realize though that there is a huge difference between being able to ride the bike from A to B and actually being able to control and operate that sort of bike in the way it was intended. I whooped a dude on a liter bike on a 250 in my early days of riding…This dude could “ride” a 1000 but he couldn’t do anything more with it. Learning curve is steep if you hop on a supersport.

  13. hinesdeal82291 says:

    @ujayboydog Do you ride?

  14. hinesdeal82291 says:

    @root9king I’m no expert but I agree with you completely.

  15. ultul1 says:

    @hinesdeal82291 I had an 08 and it was my first bike, if you drive with your mind on the bike there is no way you kill yourself riding one of those. I definitely didn’t drive a lot motorcycles yet but the 08 was the safest i did so far.

  16. bendystix says:

    @hinesdeal82291 like 2002-2006, do you think they are still a nice bike that will last awhile?

  17. bendystix says:

    @hinesdeal82291 I have rode a little 100 for days worth of time out on the farm back when I was 11-15, so I understand balance and technique quite well from that. Now being 17 and just getting my license I have been driving my dads 750 seca and maxim for the last few weeks. I definitely would not consider myself good, but growing up driving vehicles and for wheelers has given me alot of experience most people don’t have. I’m interested in buying a sport bike, probably would be a older r6 tho.

  18. hinesdeal82291 says:

    @bendystix Depends how you ride and what your coming from. Anyone can start on anything really but what’s the point of starting on something big/high tech and not being able to ride it worth a damn. I know a guy on a freaking KLR650 that can woop my ass in the turns these days. It makes me look like a damn fool on a high end 600 getting wooped by a 30 hp single dirt bike basically. It’s not about the bike it’s about the skill and if you move up too quick you will miss out on improving skill.

  19. bendystix says:

    @hinesdeal82291 At what point would one switch to an r6 in your opinion then.

  20. l3obtail says:

    anybody know the background music

  21. Sneer111 says:

    @Onemorechance12 Yeah when i got it brand new all the R6 haters told me “Oh it’s not strong enough to come up on you”. I told myself after I broke the bike in that I’ll try and see if it’s true. Well I’m at the stop light and desided to twist the trottle all the way I hit about 12,000rpm and all I saw was the skies, scared the shit out of me. Since then I raced all of the 600s and I found out with my 220lb I’m still unbeatable by a 600s. So go Yamaha ( the R6 at list).

  22. Onemorechance12 says:

    I bought a 2008 R6 for my first bike. My riding experience was just dirtbikes. Iv ridden it for 3 months now without laying it down yet. 3.5k + Miles. Yes.. although you can try to take it easy, it goes..I’m very level headed and understand the power of the bike. I do not suggest for first time though.

  23. Sneer111 says:

    I have one just like this one. Happy I chose this one. Very fast for 600cc!!!

  24. MrMattWebb says:

    @markennvibryan I rode a rebel for 6 months before test driving this bike in the twisties and traffic. I must admit, if I skipped riding the rebel, I would have killed myself. I do plan on getting the r6 in 2011 though.

  25. markennvibryan says:

    def dont get one of thease as a first bike get a 250cc then maybe a yamaha xj 600 or a bandit . that way youll get use to riding and grad progress up youll die if yo get one of thease as a first bike !

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