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Video Rating: 4 / 5

How did the brand 2007 BMW K1200GT sport touring motorcycle compare with the Yamaha FJR1300? There’s only one way to find out – right after you watch this video head over to www.motorcycle-usa.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “2009 Best of Motorcycle USA Review Videos”

  1. ngcsu says:

    @collieh1 haha…im sorry man but that was a funny comment. Im glad mine is in my garage…I hope.

  2. godmadegrass says:

    Thumps up for Technology and handling of 2009 sportbikes, but Thumps down for the r1 and cbr1000 Outlook.

  3. collieh1 says:

    man this makes me want to ride my cbr1000rr. oh wait i forgot some niggers stole it.

  4. ainoam says:

    i believe that everything happens for something and maybe i don´ t have my bike because I’m sure I would break my face but even so want a motorcycle jijijjijiji¡¡¡¡ 🙂

  5. buzzender says:

    @a2birdcage perhaps underpowered yes, but they way it provides power is astonshing, especially with the cross-plane crankshaft set up. no, i dont ride tracks, i am 15 and ride motocross, but i have been on the back of my uncles 09 R1 and it incredible.

  6. a2birdcage says:

    If you’re talking about the current generation R1 then yes it is underpowered compared to the other I4 liter bikes. It’s also the heaviest by a good margin. Do you ride it on the track?

  7. buzzender says:

    @a2birdcage an R1 underpowered? i dont know where you got that from buddy, but the R1 is anything but underpowered, i dont know the specs on its weight so i cant comment on that. but its also how it rides, puts the power down, reliability, looks etc etc.

  8. a2birdcage says:

    You’d take an overweight/underpowered liter bike over any of the others? Why?

  9. nintendo007 says:

    but dude this 1000rr is so light it’s like riding a 600 but the power of a 1000cc

  10. 2006rc211v says:

    yea its the same on engine components but diferent suspension factory has the ohlins and the mille r has showa, thats why its more expensive the factory

  11. corradosanse says:

    It’s the same RSV1000R or RSV1000R Factory!!!
    Power and performance are the same!

  12. mikepartyboy says:

    wow…Go Triumph!!!

  13. sanxi34 says:

    La mejor deportiva? LA CBR1000RR?? FUCKED!!!! Y la Yamaha R1? Yla Suzuki GSX-R1000? Y la Kawasaki ZX-R10?

    FUCK YOU!!!!!

  14. TheTrapjaw says:

    Very good video.
    Muy buen video,saludos desde Argentina.

  15. buzzender says:

    well obviously thats there proffesional opinion, i’d choose a yamaha r1 over ANY other sport bike, other than that i would take a ducati 1098 for a bit of fun, mabye an 848. but true, i dont think these reviews are all that accurate but they give a good idea of what to expect from the bike.

  16. Spyhunter107 says:

    Best sport bike a CBR1000RR? yea right!! I’d pick a Gixxer over a cbr any day

  17. clevername333 says:

    not a single ktm………. i just lost respect for this bike rag.

  18. bradman158 says:

    u guys should do 1 for best learner bike and supermoto

  19. heratus007 says:

    @JETZcorp i think he meant new cool models being released.chill

  20. JETZcorp says:

    2009 a great year for the industry? Don’t kid yourself; there are warehouses full of bikes, and there’s been doubt as to whether some companies will even sell their 2010 models with all the unsold ’09s. 1974 was a good year for the industry. ’09 wasn’t a total failure, and the bikes were interesting (but too four-stroke-ey) but the industry itself was shot by the economy. Don’t blame the bikes, blame Ben Bernanke!

  21. Mknauer50 says:

    @dorseyeliana Can’t go wrong with a Honda!! like the saying goes, “Champions ride Red!”, That’s why I will never get rid of my Honda “SP2” Rc51, a classic!!

  22. freeriderpro6074 says:

    I love the Travis Pastrana toolbox at the end

  23. 2006rc211v says:

    bro this is USA review, in the US market the RSV4 its for 2010 not 2009, 09 still the rsv mille r factory

  24. dorseyeliana says:

    My bike is the Honda cbr1000 all the way. Very sexy strong powerful looking bike.

  25. davdaking says:

    4:39 “ow man….” hahaha

  26. scottricerules says:

    @kithu3212 no, but that is an option on the yamaha fj

  27. kithu3212 says:

    are the bmw tourers cluthchless like yamaha tourers??

  28. Taino513 says:

    Anytime someone pays more for a product, no matter what that product may be, that product must demonstrably prove to be superior to the lesser priced items, otherwise you just paid for a name.

  29. motosporttouring says:

    Adjustable windscreen and handlebars?!! WOW!

    Those Oregon roads look like a great ride!

  30. czlssb says:

    I have a 2003 K1200GT. 115 HP, heated grips, heated seat, color matched, locking hard bags. Adjustable windscreen. Power in every gear, stable at all speeds. ABS. Cruise control. Stock brakes that work. All for $16k. and that was in 2003 when nobody else even offered those options AT ANY PRICE for a sport tourer. The marginal difference in cost over time between the Asian clone and a BMW? My other BMW has 80K on it. You’ll never see a Asian bike do that.

  31. ririshow says:

    like the rt 1200 better.

  32. azross2000 says:

    I wish I had one of those…….

  33. samihasib says:

    hate the look

  34. samihasib says:

    u r talking about the Chinese…..

    Japan make best qualiaty bikes….. so does europe…

  35. boardoutmind says:

    Curious as to how the BMW handles compared to the Honda S.T. I would say the the Honda is a little cheaper due to the fact of no cruise control or heated seat or grips. Anyone out here had both?

  36. patloughery says:

    To be precise, BMW-K valve checks are at 12k, not 6k. FJR’s are very nice also.

  37. leadimprov says:

    Yeah, and you’ll pay way too much for that BMW name. BMWs are overpriced. I tested an BMW once (not this one, a different one), and it was underpowered and nothing special (except the price).

  38. Khoreos says:

    Have to agree with that probably the BMW is on a higher standard. But if you don’t have the money….. you don’t have the money. So you end up with a jap. Def 2nd hand.. BMW’s keep their value alot better, which is good if you can afford it.. But again; if you can’t.. you can’t.

  39. christianj162000 says:

    Sorry, just cannot get off on jap bikes regardless of your passion..
    Will never ever buy one or own one ever again..
    They are just a joke..
    If there is a way to make anything the absolute cheapest way possible the japs will find it and that exactly what you get. They do not have any type of design research or engineering research as all they do is import the latest euro bike and copy it..

  40. redSectorA says:

    Yeah, but in 10 years an owner of the FJR will have saved enough money on initial cost and maintenance costs alone to buy a brand new bike w/latest technology. Not dissing the BMW- just offering a different perspective. I have owned 2 BMW’s, 1 Yamaha, and 1 Honda. It’s nice to have to do a valve adjustment in 26,000 miles vs 6000. That is FJR quality.

  41. cgavin1 says:

    The one thing reviewers never cover or compare is MPG. Let’s face it, if you have 2000 miles to cover 45 mpg isn’t going to impress you. Or your bank manager.. /:o

  42. ottomgf says:

    whats the price?

  43. Omps1976 says:

    Although I am not as fond of the newer style it’s not a bad looking bike. I have a 2003 K12GT and it does it all. Don’t settle for less. This was my first bike and although big, I grew into it. Now 12,000 miles later (in 1 year’s time) I look at other riders and know they’re not as comfortable as I am. If you want something that is fast and comfortable this is the ticket.

  44. propsta5x3 says:

    Kawasakis concours 14 is better

  45. joedredd13215 says:

    I agree my friend..had mine out today in U.K weather lol but still didn want to get off it, best bike i have ever had, your very right about the throttle power even in top gear no real need for a change down for a quick overtake

  46. joedredd13215 says:

    lol dave how you been stranger

  47. dagenhamdave77 says:

    whats in the cases tho? hope its not gear belonging to harry the horse, i know what your like

  48. hankgs says:

    Having taken the GT on a 30 min test ride, I was amazed at how linear the powerband was! Not as much torque feel as my R1200gs, but incredable throttle-on power in ANY gear. A great SPORT touring bike as it handles like it weighs 200lbs!

  49. joedredd13215 says:

    Tested both the FJR1300 and The K12GT. It was close but i bought the BMW, an awsome machine.

  50. christianj162000 says:

    “How did the brand 2007 BMW K1200GT sport touring motorcycle compare with the Yamaha FJR1300? There’s only one way to find out – right after you watch this video head over to..”

    Sorry, just cannot get excited about Japanese bikes..

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