2009 Chief, Indian Motorcycle

FOR COMPLETE REVIEW GOTO: tinyurl.com The 2009 Chief from the latest incarnation of Indian Motorcycle, in Kings Mountain, NC, simultaneously pays tribute to the brands 108-year legacy while addressing modern riders demands for power and performance. Its valanced fenders and two-tone paint are classic, and its fuel-injected, 105 cubic inch motor and 3-way catalyzed exhaust are modern, but at 000-500 the four currently available models are also quite expensive.
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25 Responses to “2009 Chief, Indian Motorcycle”

  1. roadyrider says:

    See my ‘Indian Chief Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes’ video on youtube for all new true-dual exhaust pipes for all 2009-2011 Indian Chiefs and 2002-2003 Gilroy Indian Chiefs made by Freedom Performance. Contact me at aaaexhaust@hotmail.com for more info.

  2. Norminatus says:

    What a dream…*_____________*

  3. stephenabm says:

    I ordered one in 2008, took ownership in 2009 and very happy with it. I am glad I ndian has finally made it, as this is the best they have produced so far…

  4. leogatobhzte says:

    Is she a zombie?

  5. lotabollox says:

    I have a 2000 Indian Chief and a 2009 Harley Electraglide Classic i drive the Indian almost all the time and Hardly drive the Harley.
    I’ll let you come to your own Conclusion.

  6. lotabollox says:

    I have a 2000 Indian Chief. Allthough they are a bit expensive to maintain they are worth it big time mine looks like it just came off the showroom floor.
    I also have a 2009 harley Electraglide Classic which i use to take the wife out for rides.
    But i have to say the Indian is just some thing else and i will still own it long after the Harley is gone.

  7. sovietkid96 says:

    dude this is my new favorite bike i mean look at it its beautiful!

  8. 702toober says:

    Awesome bike, 36 g is MSRP.Only a fool would pay ,Im sure you can talk em down to about 30 g

  9. 702toober says:

    @GoldenSlurpee Nope,but H-D is gonna start assembling their bikes in India

  10. GoldenSlurpee says:

    When you said Indian, I thought you meant like Indians from India. The ones with Bangarah and Curry.

  11. KeNNeYg22 says:

    Does it wheelie?

  12. RaymondFRevalee says:

    $36k fuck me, too much. I’d love to own one but damn, no wonder so many buy Japanese bikes.

  13. liltony116 says:

    the name says it all…INDIAN CHIEF.

  14. aphasia1972 says:

    @Igotthemotts yeah way to expensive and is it really worth the money dont get me wrong i love indian and harleys but you always pay for the brandname and the heritage too much money get a ricecooker and you will have a great bike too specially yamaha and kawasaki cruisers are great

  15. aphasia1972 says:

    @old51chief harley guys are stupid and rude i ride a kawasaki vulcan 1500 classic and i changed only some stock parts to make it look like a fat boy or heritage harley and believe it is looking and sounds like a real harley but for just half of the price i have a dreambike without the typical harley problems

  16. adrianrubi says:

    100 ft. lbs. of Torque. That enough?

  17. Voraciousvenetian says:

    I’m kind of a whore… FOR POWER.

  18. EpiDemic117 says:

    DAMN! if only john Britten was still alive! There were rumors that he’d work with Indian designing new models for street racing. THAT is the evolutionary tree they were missing.

  19. metalgod2347 says:

    @old51chief Harley fans know nothing. To me the Indian is what Harleys failed to be.

  20. old51chief says:

    It will be very tough for Indian to come back. I just rode my 1951 Chief to Cooks corner and the Harley people thought it was made in India. Harley people are very ignorant about American Motorcycles.

  21. MrAndMrsCoke says:

    1:41 O.O

  22. helldog134 says:

    being native American i think they give me one for free using are name lol

  23. taboodabelly says:

    @Idelia412 Serious? Any bike shop that can work on a V-twin can work on this bike…in fact, i would avoid factory service anyway, since they always overcharge.

  24. Redmanfms says:

    @TITANCHIEF I love Indian and hope this incarnation of the marque survives, but NOTHING is more RUB than a basic cruiser boutique bike that retails for $36,000.

  25. hammerki1 says:

    Awesome bike< I would love to have one.

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