2009 Husqvarna SMR 450

Walk around of my 2009 Husqvarna SMR 450. This is my track/race bike and does not see any road use. I bought it brand new in late March of 2010 as a new left over model. So far it has been a very reliable and fun motorcycle with only minor issues that were easy to address. Pretty much the only things I still plan on adding to the bike beyond what I have now is a set of billet aluminum triple clamps and I want to pick up another set of Excel/Talon wheels so I can have 2 sets of tires ready at all times for different tracks. Mods: Excel rims with Talon hubs FMF Powercore 4 muffler with stock header Samco radiator hoses Husqvarna Hard Parts high flow water pump kit Husqvarna Hard Parts dual mode ignition Husqvarna Hard Parts exhaust heat shield Adler slipper clutch Renthal Fatbars KTM bend Cycra hand guards Renthal supermoto front fender Ride PG Graphics Supermoto Engineering axle sliders Lightspeed titanium foot pegs MOTY designs lithium battery Hyde Racing skid plate 7602 Racing drain plugs 7602 Racing clutch piston APA muffler slider KTM Hard Parts rear master cylinder extension Driven gear shifter DID ERT2 gold non O ring chain 13/45 gearing Renthal soft grips 50/50
Video Rating: 5 / 5

PURCHASE NOW! You can purchase FULL CIRCLE through Cycle Gear, the largest and fastest-growing retailer of motorcycle parts, apparel and accessories for your Sportbike, Streetbike, Cruiser, Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycles and ATVs. Just visit www.cyclegear.com and enter the key words “FULL CIRCLE.” In 1967, an idea for a desert race down the Baja Peninsula came together. Malcolm Smith and JN Roberts entered that first year, and against impossible odds rode a nearly stock Husqvarna to victory in the first ever Baja 1000. 40 years later, Malcolm and JN team up again, leading the Racing For Life Team in the 2007 Baja 1000 aboard a monsterous Husqvarna TC510…and things rarely go as planned in the Baja 1000. You’ll hear Malcolm and JN tell the stories of that first ever Baja 1000, (then called the Mexican 1000), and you’ll ride along with the Racing For Life Team as they attempt the most grueling off road race in the world. You’ll travel to Las Vegas and see both the original Husky and the new TC510 auctioned off at the world’s premiere vintage motorcycle auction. A peek at the new Malcolm Smith Motorsports facility, JN’s private ranch, and a visit to The El Oasis Orphanage in Baja. We talk with off road legends like Johnny Campbell, Sal Fish, John Barnes and Dick Hansen. Malcolm Smith and JN Roberts have truly come Full Circle, a full four decades after the world’s first Baja 1000. If you would like to purchase now, you can buy at E-Bay. Just word search FULL CIRCLE

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11 Responses to “2009 Husqvarna SMR 450”

  1. mixalakismr says:

    does the costume fits in smr 450 2004 model?

  2. southBAYstruts says:

    sik bike ill give u 200 for it

  3. twoweeled says:

    @mxrdr11 JN Roberts. Amazing rider. you must be pretty damn good yourself to go riding with him, even at his age. You know his mind is still telling him he can do it. It’s just when you munch it, it hurts so much more now. I’m 55 and just started riding again. Strange feeling with these 37 inch seat heights!!

  4. RFLJim says:

    @onefugowie The 1967 Husky sold for $1&K and the 2007 Husky sold for $10K.

  5. onefugowie says:

    1:34 i would love to have that bike…anybody know how much it sold for..

  6. RFLJim says:

    he’s the real deal!

  7. mxrdr11 says:

    I had the oppurtunity to go ride with JN Roberts this summer and he is still an amazing rider

  8. rainmanx63 says:

    Looks great. I hadn’t heard of this dvd before. I’m going to Cycle Gear today and order one. It’ll be my Dads day gift to myself

  9. solrosenburg23 says:

    What is the song starting at :46??

  10. VtrRacing says:

    Great tribute.

  11. marc8a says:

    Mi respect for those guys, not only for beeing legends in off road, also for all they have done for the Mexican comunity.

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