2012 Husqvarna enduro range tested

Husqvarna’s 2012 range has been revitalised as a direct result of winning both the E1 and E2 world championships. MCN’s Michael Guy tests all the new 2012 models to see how they perform, including a first test of the Husqvarna TE310, the two-stroke WR125, the TE250 and the TE449. View more great motorcycling videos on the MCN channel: www.youtube.com Subscribe to the MCN YouTube channel: www.youtube.com Get the latest motorcycle news at www.motorcyclenews.com Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com Motor Cycle News on Twitter: www.twitter.com MCN sport on Twitter: www.twitter.com

25 Responses to “2012 Husqvarna enduro range tested”

  1. EnorusLoL says:

    “Husskwarna” haha

  2. j0ku95 says:

    History lesson for all the italians trying to own Husqvarna: Husqvarna was first a Swedish company, then when it was bought to italy, the remainings of Husqvarna in Sweden became Husaberg, which ktm bought later. And now husqvarna is owned by bmw.

  3. gengiz says:

    the husabergs were swedish by are considered Austrain like ktm because they pretty much are a ktm but nicer

  4. gengiz says:

    actually italian and now owned by bmw

  5. martin83087 says:

    que maquinaaaaaaa

  6. makVBScrew says:

    Ahhhh god! Whatever…. Still a lovely bike to ride! That’s what matters….
    I personnaly don’t give a a damn about ownerships, as long as the don’t mess with the brand’s discipline!

  7. MrNineTwoFive says:

    You might be right now that i think about it. They use to be owned by cagiva but I think BMW bought them out as a seperate subsidiary. I think they are still considered a swedish/italian company even though BMW owns them…

  8. makVBScrew says:

    :S So what’s all this about the italians?

  9. sacko79 says:

    Try my channel for a funny bike incident and r/c jets…

  10. Sonaris100 says:

    It is!

  11. makVBScrew says:

    I thought tha the motorcycle division of husqys is owned by bmw…

  12. hetisjechillerboyjwz says:

    the sound’s like a scooter!

  13. MrNineTwoFive says:

    They use to be Swedish, but got bought out by and Italian firm but kept the name. Husa’s are definitely still Swedish.

  14. Sonaris100 says:

    Is Husqvarna really Swedish?? I thought they were Italian and that Husaberg’s were Swedish o.O?

  15. HondaFife says:

    Always been a Tarmac man myself but would love to try some dirt biking. It just doesn’t make any sense how to manage to keep them upright!

  16. TWISM1337 says:

    - “Huusqvaarna” is the Swedish pronounciation, and Husqvarna is Swedish, so… :)

  17. rillaolivia says:

    nice video!!!
    Husqvarna is Swedish, but i don´t care:)
    greetings from Finland<3 (we are neighbors)

  18. nrhbmw says:

    Excellent work! Just lookin’ up the new Husky range here in Canada… very interested in getting out into the dirt!!!

  19. dahveed284 says:

    Nice video. I’d love to have a Husky, but there are no dealers anywhere near me. I’m going to stick with my WR250R.

  20. ky4ence says:

    You dont need a bike when you dont have a real life

  21. snowgodxxx says:


  22. davedebekker says:

    You guys have a nice job, interested in switching with me? Gr Dave

  23. TheAxeaman says:

    Love the sound of the Husqvarnas, always have. You know it’s a Husqvarna when you hear one in the city.

  24. CobraAce04 says:

    when I first saw the name, It seemed really intimidating to pronounce. I’ve heard “Huskuvaarna” as an alternative and also “Huskva’na”

  25. TWISM1337 says:

    Gotta love how he pronounces Husqvarna ^^ It’s more like Huusqvaarna ;)

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