Ducati 1198 review Motorcycle Trader magazine, Australia

Ducati’s sexy sport flagship range received a worthy update with the 1198. Video by Hugues de Robillard. See MCtrader.com.au for the full story: www.mctrader.com.au

This is part 2 of our review. The original TAC ad portrays motorcyclists as suicidal idiots who will inevitably die. It’s a turn off for riders, and just confirms the worst prejudices of the rest of the population. The latter has the very real effect of making the roads even more, rather than less, dangerous for motorcyclists. This is a remake of the TAC, done by Motorcycle Trader magazine at www.mctrader.com.au. Here is a link to the original TAC ad – http And here is a link to our first review, including a revoice that reveals the real subtext of the TAC effort – www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Ducati 1198 review Motorcycle Trader magazine, Australia”

  1. matocdo1 says:

    i love ducati 1198
    how much money

  2. matocdo1 says:

    i love ducati 1198

  3. elizabetpohlmann says:

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  4. wladesmo says:

    Frederico Minolli brother

  5. Duc1198YamR1 says:

    nive vid….

  6. allmoto says:

    Many thanks, toilit.
    All the best

  7. toilit says:

    Nice one Guy! this is why i subscribe!

  8. allmoto says:

    Thanks for the kind words, LeviathanRan. All the best,

  9. LeviathanRan says:

    nice one guy nice to see you back mate 🙂

  10. Tvinky says:

    @allmoto agree to you 🙂 But TAC ads are needed too, they show how easy is to die riding like crazy a-hole 🙂 Anyway, I try to ride safe all the time and wear all my gear every time I ride (even when it’s 30 degrees by Celsius). “It’s up to you” 🙂 Thanks for video!

  11. jakebrake1968 says:

    i don’t think this is right and the tac ad is wrong, or vice versa. they both present the same message, in a different way. and they are both right. You need to change behaviors, to keep these younger riders breathing. us old fogies know better. and even we get stupid sometimes! if either of these drives the message home, good! i’m tired of seeing other riders getting mopped up, myself.

  12. MADMARK00 says:

    Good job there, i`m in the UK and we suffer the same prejudices over here too.
    Its a shame that all over the world we are labelled the same.

    I notice that TAC haven`t made any comments

  13. suturofmuspell says:

    here here
    The only thing that would temp a singlet-rider to put some gear on is to be educated in a responsible group ride, which your version of the advert demonstrated.

  14. AustRD says:

    Well done Guy, that is completely spot on. Made with a tiny budget & is the perfect message. I wonder how much the TAC spent to make their horror movie.

  15. allmoto says:

    You might feel our version is too ‘soft’, but the TAC one makes traffic less safe for riders. It confirms the prejudice that we’re all suicidal & tells motorists we’re all going to die anyway – therefore it probably doesn’t matter if you hit one. The TAC effort vilifies riders and makes them less safe in traffic – truly disgraceful.
    I am also fed up with seeing every so-called safety ad ending with someone either dead or near-dead. Is this really the only way? It’s hackneyed.

  16. sandyrd says:

    I think someone is missed the boat here. This is a sensible ad, made by safe motorcyclists, watched by other safe motorcyclists, who will all nod in agreement and go out and continue to ride safely. Take the sterotypical shorts and singlet rider in the TAC ad. Do you REALLY think someone like that will rush out and buy a set of full leathers after watching your ad? If he even bothers to watch it all? Ads like this give motorcyclists a positive image. Nice. The TAC ad might save a life

  17. pandymoose says:

    yes, much better than TAC. the other gives problems, but not solutions:/

  18. toilit says:

    Rules to live by! well done!

  19. coenpat says:

    any add ending with ice cream is good in my book

  20. Linesy5 says:

    I agree. The original ad was very negative and encouraged the “us vs. them” attitude. Good on ya, this is the sort of thing we need.

  21. CX500rider says:

    Very good and I agree it is better than the other one.

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