Harley Davidson Motorcycles : How to Change Harley Davidson Oil

To change the oil in a Harley Davidson motorcycle, locate the oil filter, remove the filter with the appropriate wrench and drain the oil from the drain plug. Fill up a Harley Davidson oil tank with the appropriate amount of oil using information from a certified motorcycle technician in this free video on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Expert: Jeff Jannett Contact: www.southsidechoppersinc.com Bio: Jeff Jannett has over a decade of experience working on motorcycles. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

6 Responses to “Harley Davidson Motorcycles : How to Change Harley Davidson Oil”

  1. astridcareena says:

    F R E E Electronic Motorcycle Manuals here – ** freemotorcyclemanuals (dot) net **

  2. gitanopnmex says:

    Hi Jeff Jannett I have a question what do you think about instaling a Premium Oil Cooler Kit (part number 26157-07) on a Harley will I realy benifit from this accesory I live in Tx. and it dose get hot down here and somtimes I’ll go to rallys and I’ll jump on paraids that also get my bike hot. What are your thoughts., Thanks.

  3. sube16 says:

    Grreat video! do you know if the Harley Davidson manual is available in spanish? I am from Argentina, and I would like to buy one…

  4. husseltoo says:

    If he needs to show you after such a detailed explanation, you need to pay someone to do it for you…

  5. flaskmunch says:

    Hey Shmuck, If you pay attention to the right column of this page you will see other vids where Jeff gets into detail. What do YOU ride a Rice burner

  6. fredturd says:

    Great Zombie Jesus! :P

    The title of this video should be called:

    Typical Harley Tech only talks about changing oil instead of showing you how.

    I know how to do it, but — c’mon…show those people how to change a Roadking’s oil.

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