How To Adjust An Evolution Harley Davidson Sportster or Buell Motorcycle Primary Chain & Change Oil

Here’s how to adjust an Evolution Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle primary chain. is where you can see more about my Sportster-Engine bikes. Adjusting the primary chain tension and changing the fluid is really easy to do, and you can see everything involved in this video. If you have a 2002 or older tube-framed Buell motorcycle with the Harley Davidson Evolution Sportster Engine, this will work for you as well. Just open the inspection hole, measure the gap, crank the engine over 5 or 10 times and measure to see if there is less than 1 inch of play at the tightest point with the engine cold. It’s really easy to do, and these chains don’t stretch much, so most of the time you won’t need to adjust it. To change the oil, drain it, and then dump in a quart. I show you how to check the Evolution Sportster primary fluid in this video, but if you’re changing the oil you don’t need to check it. Just put in a fresh quart of Harley-Davidson Sportster primary oil after you drain it. I hope this helps you learn to do this yourself. It’s simple, and you’ll save a lot of money on service. | A Lighter Frame for a Stronger Bike | Buell’s new casting technique produces a stronger, lighter motorcycle Buell did not break the mold when it made the 1125CR racing bike. Instead, it washed the mold away—to create a sturdier body. The frames of other motorcycles are formed by pouring molten metal into a mold of sand and clay. Buell engineers instead developed a water-soluble bonding agent to use in place of clay. The new formulation allows them to start rinsing the mold away right after the aluminum is poured, rather than waiting for the cast to solidify and then breaking the mold. Water cools the alloy faster and in a controlled manner, preventing cavities from forming, which can weaken the structure. Buell used the method to produce a stronger rear frame that requires one less pound of metal. Its even possible to cast the entire frame that way, using water cooling to fine-tune the metals strength and rigidity for different components. http
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29 Responses to “How To Adjust An Evolution Harley Davidson Sportster or Buell Motorcycle Primary Chain & Change Oil”

  1. hoohoohoblin says:

    @designartist You’re welcome. I’m glad you found it.

  2. designartist says:

    Awesome thank you for the video.

  3. hoohoohoblin says:

    @jcmac1313 Excellent advice. Thanks.

  4. jcmac1313 says:

    good video just rember intead of turning over the enigne. turn the tire by hand. Measure in 6 diferent places and adjust at tightest spot in the primary chain or you could over or under tighten

  5. AsphaltCowboyPacks says:

    @hammyhambone85 castrol is WRONG primary lube is a single viscosity and it has special detergents in it for the tranny if you use regular oil you will trash your tranny

  6. AsphaltCowboyPacks says:

    use a wobble head allen wrench

  7. hoohoohoblin says:

    @Simonomon2 That could be it. It’s easy to remove the little door on the side of the case and stick a screwdriver in and see how loose the chain is by pushing up on it. A rattling could also be caused by something breaking loose and bouncing around in there with the chain. On my Royal Enfield motorcycle, some of the chain links rollers broke in half, and the pieces were jumping around with the clutch and chain. I think Harley Chains are stronger than Enfield chains.

  8. Simonomon2 says:

    I think my primary chain is loose because there is a persistent rattling noise coming from the left side of my engine. My friend who is experienced with motorcycles examined it with a little stethiscope and said my cylinders are fine and the engine is solid.. but he doesn’t know waht it is. I think my primary chain is loose. The engine performs just the same as it did before the rattling.

  9. driverbunyak says:

    hoohoohoblin, i found what was making my whining noise. final drive belt was slightly rubbing on the motor case behind the front pulley. i adjusted my rear tire alignment, an i’m back on the road. THANKS for all your help………..Bunyak.

  10. ruger45hollowpoint says:

    those rubber washers, in my hood are known as “o-rings”……duh……

  11. hoohoohoblin says:

    @hammyhambone85 I don’t know if that’s good or bad, because Harley won’t say what weight their Sport-Trans fluid is. I ran 85W-90 gear oil in my Sporster’s primary case for 40,000 miles, and it worked fine. Now I buy the official Harley fluid just to be safe. The Primary fluid probably doesn’t get as hot as the engine oil, so it may be better to run a single-weight oil rather than a multi, as it may not get hot enough to thicken up to 50 weight.

  12. hammyhambone85 says:

    Great video! Thanks.

    I’ve been using Castrol Power RS full synthetic for engine and primary oil on my Buell XB. Castrol specifically states that this oil is formulated for Transmissions and Primary chaincase (as well as motor). It is a 20W-50. What do you think?

  13. hoohoohoblin says:

    @driverbunyak It’s pretty easy to remove the primary cover to take a look inside for any evidence of rubbing. You just need to remove the footpeg and shifter shaft and a bunch of bolts. It could be a problem in the gearbox, which is behind the clutch. The other possibility could be the front sprocket, which turns the belt to drive the rear wheel. Check your drive belt tension and rotate the wheel several times to make sure it’s tight enough all the way around.

  14. driverbunyak says: hoohoohobin. the clutch does not stick, there were no chunks in the old oil. i checked the slack in the primary chain. it had about 1/2 inch play. while checking the slack, i bumped the engine several times like in your video. each time the chain had 1/2 inch of play. is it possible the slack adjustment adjuster could be missing the rubber knob on it? or are you leaning more toward the clutch? the noise is only there while rolling under power until i pull the clutch in. THANKS

  15. hoohoohoblin says:

    @driverbunyak Does the clutch still work, or does it stick sometimes? On my 96 Sportster the rivets broke loose on the spring plate in the clutch, and there were rivet parts in the primary case, and the clutch sometimes stuck in gear. Were there any chunks in the oil when you changed it? It could also be that the primary chain is too tight and pulling something out of alignment. On my 96 Sportster the dealer tightened the chain too tight and it made a whacking sound until I loosened it.

  16. driverbunyak says: I hear a noise coming from somewhere. sounds like a rubbing noise not like a grinding noise. i recently changed my primary lube in my 1995 sportster.and seems like the noise got louder. i can push the bike around with ease. only when it is in gear, and rolling that i hear the noise. the chain in the case seems to have the right tension. what else should i check? all helpful advise will be appreciated. thanks Bunyak….

  17. hoohoohoblin says:

    @maiden666guitar Correct. The transmission and primary share the same oil, and it takes one quart. Harley calls the oil “Sport-Trans Fluid.” It’s different from the gearbox oil you would put in a big-twin Harley. If you get it from the a Harley shop, they’ll show you which is the right one.

  18. maiden666guitar says:

    So it only takes one quart of oil for both the primary and tranny?

  19. hoohoohoblin says:

    @outlawstl Great advice. Thanks.

  20. outlawstl says:

    just use a ball end allen wrench to adjust primary chain without removing muffler. Ball end allens are good to have for many other allen bolts on your harley also.

  21. mrsunglo49 says:

    thanks so much,i did call harley but you just verified for me. thanks again,your video really helped.

  22. hoohoohoblin says:

    @mrsunglo49 My Buell has a washer under the nut. When I look in the Buell manual, it has an arrow pointing to the top of the nut, which says “Nylon Sealing Surface”. I think the top of the washer has a nylon coating on it, which keeps the oil from leaking out. I bet a new washer from the Harley dealer would be pretty cheap.

  23. mrsunglo49 says:

    i’m getting a leak at the primary chain adjustment bolt please help. is there a gasket that goes under the nut that secures the adjustment bolt?

  24. mrsunglo49 says:

    i’m getting a leak at the primary chain adjustment bolt please help. is there a gasket that goes under the nut that secures the adjustment bolt?

  25. hoohoohoblin says:

    @Nibrud6969 Thanks for the correction. I had a 96 Sportster and the Buell, but never had one pre-91.

  26. mrbrunse says:

    Alle mit Groß Gerauer Nummer… oh oh ob das gut geht?!

  27. jimsuper420 says:

    torque monster.

  28. BuellAdventure says:

    Beautiful footage of the Buell introduction in Germany. Thanks for the technical rundown on how the frames are made.

  29. orgomen says:

    buell!!!!!!!! owner the coners!!!!!!!

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