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We cover front brake pad replacement on a 2009 Yamaha YZF-R6. We do detailed install of CL (Carbone Lorraine) XBK5 pads on Aubrey’s R6. From cleaning the calipers to installing a speed bleeder and bleeding the front brakes we cover it all. This video is for entertainment purposes only. In no way does this take the place of a proper service manual. If you are not comfortable working on your motorcycle take it to a liscensed technician.

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  1. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @Trotters222 Make sure you clean the pistons very good before you push them back. I would also strongly suggest replacing the fluid.

  2. Trotters222 says:

    He knows what he’s talking about. Any tips on changing some pads on a 1995 cbr600f?

  3. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @deerman1212 You can if you want to, it is not a big deal as it won’t be there long at all. The main thing would be to check the pin for wear and replace them if a groove has worn in them. A little lube where they pass through the caliper won’t hurt and might make future service easier.

  4. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @cockamamey The Vesrah RJL has a bit more initial bite. We have tons of riders who use the RJL for bikes that are used the same way you use yours.

  5. cockamamey says:

    Hey Brian, thanks for the video. What is the best upgrade pad for 90% street 10% track? I have a 2011 zx10r with tokico oem calipers? How does this pad in the video compare to the Vesrah RJL?

  6. deerman1212 says:

    Hello, Im about to change my brakes but was wondering… should I lube the brake pin? or is that not needed

  7. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @Zed100000 Take the time and do it the proper way. Some bikes will allow you to change the pads without removing the calipers. When you do it that way you are not able to clean the pistons on the calipers. We do ship internationally every day.

  8. Zed100000 says:

    Hi, Can you change pads without removing the caliper body? i.e. keeping caliper on wheel just remove the pad pin and spring, hit it with brake cleaner, jamp your thumb in and push back the pistons and insert new pads??
    Also – does your online website ship internationally? i can’t find brake bleeder bags for sale or import into australia at all!!!

  9. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @taintedsoal You are welcome and we enjoy doing this for sure. Look for even more in 2012

  10. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @taintedsoal What is the year, model and milage of your bike? You can also email service@sportbiketrackgear for help if you need it.

  11. taintedsoal says:

    Incredibly informative and entertaining!  (lol) Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into making this ‘how-to’ video. Much appreciated.

  12. taintedsoal says:

    Any ideas folks? I just changed my front brakes. The left rotor works fine and has no issues. The right pad grinds against the rotor, over heats the rotor and makes terrible sounds. Helpppp!

  13. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @microflex22 Thanks for the kind words and watching!


  14. microflex22 says:

    This guy could be an instructor at MMI. He explains things clearly, and simply. Not only the “how”, but also the “why”. Great vid!

  15. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @08GSXR600WHT THe advice for the pads is correct, race pads take a little more heat. That being said we do have several riders who use the Vesrah RJL pads on the street and track as they heat up fast and do not require a ton of heat.

    The RBF has a higher boiling point and can perform better while racing or on the track a little better than the 5.1.

  16. 08GSXR600WHT says:

    Hey Brian,
    couple guys at the shop told me C59’s and Vesrah’s need more heat to work best, is that why the XBK’s are a great street choice? And when/how do you switch out to the speed bleeder screws without opening the system when changing them…

    and what’s the difference between motul’s DOT 5.1 fluid and the RBF Racing 4 fluid? Thanks!

  17. wayne840 says:

    great video great advice keep up the good work really interesting to watch and listern to you nice and clear speech 10 out of 10 .

  18. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @Jmoges I have used a hone on the rotors before and to be honest noticed zero difference. In my opinion as long as the rotors are in good shape and you break the pads in properly after replacement you will be fine.

  19. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @iowaway Thanks!

  20. Jmoges says:

    Is there any need to clean the rotors at all? I don’t see how anything terribly adverse could happen if you don’t but just wondering.

  21. iowaway says:

    Great vid man 

  22. luckybear0301 says:


  23. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @NeptuneBlueZ The Speed Bleeders make changing the brake fluid very easy for sure. I really like the bleeder bag system, keeps it all very clean

  24. NeptuneBlueZ says:

    That’s a great video, thanks for taking the time to do it.
    That Speed Bleeder kit does it jobs without too many tools.

  25. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    @Gino20202 The SBK5 pads are solid for just street as well. The SBK5 pads are the top selling pads at our shop as they work for street and or track riding.

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