Little Shop of Horrors – Dentist Song

This is a clip from the movie. Steve Martin is hillarious. I create these for my iPod for when I need a good laugh.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Little Shop of Horrors – Dentist Song”

  1. Theminecrafter44307 says:


  2. Taternator says:


  3. chukipye says:

    the mom looks like the mean principal from Matilda xD

  4. FavoriteFantasy1519 says:

    I’m dancing to this song

  5. jonbotone says:

    for me the “mouth-cam” is the most disturbing scene in the movie. although my main problem is there is this ne second where you see the edge of the false lip

  6. jonbotone says:

    James Rolfe should review this movie on his next monster madness

  7. Jennifer Graham says:

    anyone notice the mom from my wife and kids ? and the mom from everybody hates chris

  8. KefkaMatic says:

    How can this have dislikes?

  9. MrGabeanator says:

    and you wonder why kids fear the dentist

  10. ItzKR15 says:

    He should be a neurosurgeon… HAHAHAAH XD

  11. fiangsta says:

    Ooohhhhhhh, momma!

  12. orlando mendoza says:

    Right on! Yeah I think everyone should at least watch and enjoy this movie and song at least once in their life cause this song is cool as hell and funny!

  13. arik zil says:

    ME TOO

  14. Kaitlin Porrini says:

    I love when he hits the nurse with multiple things xD

  15. john benko jr says:

    I know this is gonna sound weird, but i’d go to the dentist more often if stuff like this happend

  16. john benko jr says:

    OH GOD

  17. xirta1 says:

    Suffer not the cavity to live!!

  18. Swansea Jack says:

    When I was a kid, my NHS dentist was a chain smoker and you could taste the cigs on his fingers when he was poking round in your mouth

  19. syntheticgod8 says:

    This song should be spliced with the Hostel movies.

  20. Joey Whigham says:

    You can buy it for $1.99


    How’d that work out….. sick fuck….

  22. John Lycett says:

    I’m sure I met an NHS dentist like that when I was a kid!! (shudder!)

  23. meimei siew says:

    Ya know, I saw someone at the dentist and was treated the first patient second and third aaeiiih!

  24. LadyK4233 says:

    where can I find the full movie on youtube??

  25. ratjoe24 says:

    an advert for a dentist came up before it.

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