Motorbike maintenance: Part 4 Clean and adjust chain

This is taken from a free DVD I got with a magazine a while back so I thought I’d chop it into segments to share with people. Part 4: Cleaning and tightening the chain. Checking cush drive rubbers.

3 Responses to “Motorbike maintenance: Part 4 Clean and adjust chain”

  1. bodedevelopments says:

    Great video – first one I’ve found that identified the problem I have – a lot of kickback on and off the throttle – changing drive chain now, and if that doesn’t cure it, then I’ll check cush drive rubbers next! Thanks so much!

  2. learn2rideVIDEOS says:

    Another excellent vid, thanks for posting Charlie DMCC

    Please remember! Too tight a chain & you risk it snapping: taking your leg muscles with it (& expensive repairs). But too loose a chain is much worse as the chain might jump off the sprockets, locking your rear wheel. (You don’t want that happening when you go for an overtake..)

    Just a few mins spent cleaning, setting the tension/freeplay & lubricating your chain can literally save your life. A serviced bike is a safe bike

    Enjoy the ride

  3. legathan says:

    Great vids helped me alot cheers

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