Motorcycle Helmet Fitment Proper Fitting Helmet

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33 Responses to “Motorcycle Helmet Fitment Proper Fitting Helmet”

  1. plasticpunch says:

    in case we are in the middle of two sizes… what are we doing ?

  2. linkrulessonicsux says:

    how much would a motercycle helmet visor, that is a goldish color that you can see out of, but not see in to cost? i want to make somthing that needs one

  3. Brzln1 says:

    Good helpful video!

  4. jpcycles2 says:

    @bucefalo123456789 Thats great. We see soo many people purchase a helmet that doesn’t fit them and they end up returning it. It’s just a hassle for them and if they decide to wear the helmet, it’s soo uncomfortable that they blame it on the helmet or the place they bought it. We would rather see people enjoy the products they get from J&P Cycles. Keep on passing the videos around, we are working on more videos to make riding for the newcomer easier to learn.

  5. bucefalo123456789 says:

    Thanks for the video. I am a veteran biker, but recomended this tutorial to several newcomer friends and they learned a lot.

  6. keranxtremboy1 says:

    very very good video

  7. astridcareena says:

    No need for Ebay. Download F R E E Motorcycle Manuals Here – ** freemotorcyclemanuals (dot) net **

  8. jpcycles2 says:

    DO NOT USE WINDEX. Windex and other cleaners that contain Amonia will cause a foggy dulling of the visor. It will litterally eat into the material. Simple dish soap and warm water will work fine. Other cleaners that don’t contain ammonia will work also. Also, to avoid scratches, use a microfiber cloth, Toilet tissue is still made from wood and will cause micro scratches that become annoying when the sun hits them just right.

  9. insideimcrazy says:

    i ordered a KBC – VR – 2R Dragon Helmet – Silver- Large…i measured my head and its 60 cm.. so its just right.. its pretty snug.. but i feel like it will become more fit once i start wearing it… have any tips on cleaning the visor?? i already have some finger prints on it and tried cleaning it with tissue but it smudged.. you think windex and cloth would be okay? please advise…

  10. jpcycles2 says:

    Glad to hear that it has helped you out. What helmet did you get?

  11. insideimcrazy says:

    THANKS your video really helped me out..

  12. jpcycles2 says:

    Glad we could help, and yes, more snug is better as it will not jossle around on your head that way.

  13. canadianbuckhunter says:

    thanks for the great tips!
    I have sold my XL for a Large, I would rather it be a little tight than too loose.

  14. jpcycles2 says:

    Smaller padding would only make a helmet less effective. It would really not be recommended to modify a helmet just to make you look better other than maybe some graphics that are slimming. I would start there. Otherwise you could try some different brands of helmets.

  15. cortedan2000 says:

    i have a pretty big head, and i dont want to wear a XL cuz i look like E.T lol, im wondering if i could make the padding smaller so my head would fit on a med or a large, do they sell smaller padding for helmets?????

  16. jpcycles2 says:

    We completely agree with you PSXP1… However, this will at least get you in the right area of the helmets when deciding which one to try on.

  17. jpcycles2 says:

    To our knowledge, there isn’t a way to stretch out your helmet and we wouldn’t recommend doing that anyway. I would go back to where you got the helmet, try on some different helmets and make sure it fits. Notice in the video, we point out different shaped heads. Check your shape and see if the style helmet you bought is for that shape of head.

  18. countryboyG says:

    I bought a dirt bike helmet a while ago and i have a big head so i got a xxl and its really tight at the front of my head and at the sides they scratch the side of my head right behind my eyes really bad and it hurts when i put it on and hurts the front of my head is there any way i can like make it fit like streatch it?

  19. psxp1 says:

    Great video!!

    You should really go into a store and size a helmet before ordering online. Helmets/brands fit differently as they mention in this vide

  20. Thelongmanable says:

    Average live of a motorcycle on the road even in 2010 is around 3 years at top. Due to most bikes arent reliable and sport bikes your lucky if you get 3 years out of one. Most motorcycles end up in the back of someones garage and forgotten due to they hit the point of deminisihing returns to restore one. Old motorcycles even 1920s models dont hole much value tops is around 10 grand and the head ache to restore one isnt worth that.

  21. stupidrider53 says:

    that big

  22. guitarhell21 says:

    I’m going there with my dad on Saturday, I’m trying to find myself a dirt bike.

  23. BLOODYKnuckles2000 says:

    just one is all i want 🙁

  24. MrPrestonL says:

    theres one thats almost that size in San AntonioTexas, its called action cycle

  25. periloveskyle says:

    where is it

  26. ils360 says:


  27. mrkeith018 says:

    do you have any cr500r bottem ends or good crank 4 cr 500 year 1991 or one that fits ,can i get it deliverd? by credit card or something,need asap

  28. alhunter7888 says:

    do u have a 2004 gsxr 600 tank?

  29. evinsteven13 says:

    dang, i want to go there

  30. jlinbaugh says:

    Damn, I seriously wish that I lived there. Thats what heaven looks like.

  31. USEDMCPARTS says:

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  32. USEDMCPARTS says:


  33. bikercc says:

    sick man

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