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My review of motorcycle reviews.
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  1. Tom Ferreira says:

    we all have to work for things mate

  2. Curly Grue says:

    this is 10 months late but I would just like to say that I was out on the back of one of my friend’s sportbikes (a GSXR 600 that was tuned for track racing) and we took it for a quick spin around downtown, and when we got back, there was a loud popping sound (radiator cap?) and the bike started overflowing with coolant.
    so there’s that.

  3. yofunforlive says:

    oeeh somthing shinny!

  4. justpresstwoforawhil says:

    I agree with them doing some road reviews too, but i believe the reason they do it is because it makes the consumer feel like they are buying an elite racing machine; which they are. for most people a bike is a toy and are marketed as such. I wish bikes you could use everyday were a bit more popular. I think they would sell really well if there was more selection.

  5. Mike Tyson says:

    keep kawazaki, zx6r

  6. opmike343 says:

    You’re making generalized comments about a great many bikes supersport/race-replica style bikes. I live in the deep south where temperatures with heat index are well into the hundreds. There are three sport bikes between my wife and I (two 600’s and a 1000) and neither of us have encountered overheating while commuting in gridlocked lunchtime traffic. What bike(s) do you have, and what troubles were you encountering with it? Fans should kick in around ~220F and stabilize temps.

  7. whothaplaya says:

    Any supersport bike will over heat in traffic under 20mph in 90+ degree heat.

  8. opmike343 says:

    I think you mean that you don’t “need” a supersport bike. People buy them because they “want” them. You’ll never ride those bikes anywhere near their limit in city traffic, but the same could be said for almost any bike, as even the Ninja 250’s will embarrass a number of quick sports car at speeds less than 60 mph. Also, if someone’s GSX-R, CBR, R6, etc. is literally overheating in traffic, the bike needs to be taken in to be looked at. They run warm, but they shouldn’t overheat.

  9. nickrulz32 says:

    i agree man totally agree

  10. whothaplaya says:

    The reason why they do reviews on a track because all the I4 sport bikes are street legal RACE bikes. If you do a lot of city and around town riding you don’t want a supersport bike. Your bike will overheat in city traffic on a hot day and you can’t use any of the power the bike has since first gear on the supersport bikes tops out at between 75-105MPH Bikes like the Ninja 650, Honda Interceptor, GSX650f, SV650F and the Yamaha FZ bikes. They have plenty of power but are more comfortable

  11. sscheevel15 says:

    If you upgrade to a bigger bike can I have your ninja 250??? Im 15 and here in Texas I can get my liscense at 15! I love your vids and have watched every one!

  12. gamerlegacy says:

    get an R6! WOOT for the R6

  13. Gerson Morales says:

    ahhhh blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah >:O !!!!!!

  14. jasonjason27 says:

    I noticed the Skyline too. I love them!! It’s in the Speeding Ticket video at 0:45, but now that I look back at it, it doesn’t look like the same car.

  15. hurley7414 says:

    r6 is best for flicking around turns, and cbr is best in comfort, and kawasaki has most power

  16. lilcam97 says:

    if its only for road riding ive heard a lot of good things about the gsx-r 600 and the cbr 600 on the road

  17. MeetheAngel says:

    I love Bikes but i just saw my favorite car at 2:53 Nissan skyline vpec ll looks like a 92’93’ oh how much i love those. Note i saw the same car (same person) in one of your earlier videos. Great videos by the way. just found them today and i have watched them all up to this one. Subscribed! 😀

  18. cratos54 says:


  19. MultiMartialArtist says:

    Hmm, Honestly I’ve heard a lot good reviews for every bike, I think you will not be disappointed with any yamaha, kawasaki, honda, or suuzuki 😀 well,maybe yamaha, there seats are a liddo to wide

  20. suterads says:

    They are reviewed on race tracks because they are race track bikes! Most of them are uncomfortable for everyday city riding. Those 90% of super sports owners are just morons and show offs. There are much better suited bikes for city and touring riding.

  21. Luwinkle says:

    Get a Buell!

    Don’t hurt me. D:

  22. ReadyLOLRET says:


  23. TheHappyKamper says:

    So much for your video where you talk about liking the 250 because it’s safer 😛
    I understand where you’re coming from tho. Everyone I know who had a 250 has wanted to upgrade eventually.

  24. 0XAciDRaiNX0 says:

    blah blah blah blah blah , blah blah blah blah.

  25. XXLpinut says:

    Get a VFR800 VTEC. It’s sporty enough but still is practical. Plus they look awesome!!!!

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