Motorcycle Riding Basics : Motorcycle Safety Gear

When motorcycle riding, wear a helmet and a protective jacket to help prevent injury. Learn more about motorcycle safety gear from an experienced motorcyclist in this free sports bike video. Expert: Jared Cummings Bio: Jared Cummings, age twenty, has been riding motorcycles all his life. He is on a professional stunt team called Teamed Skar. He knows how to do many different amazing stunts. Filmmaker: Caleb Labarda
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Motorcycle boots should cover the ankle and protect the toes. Learn how to choose footwear for motorcycle riding in this free video on buying motorcycle protective gear. Expert: Sheryl Daines Bio: Sheryl Daines is an experienced motocross racer who has worked in the motorcycle retail industry for approximately 10 years. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
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36 Responses to “Motorcycle Riding Basics : Motorcycle Safety Gear”

  1. maikeli7 says:

    Good vid! Important for all riders to see. But you left out one very important thing to protect on a bike, something that is the most commonly injured part of the body in bike crashes:

    You have to talk about torsion control boots! Trust me, I found out the hard way.
    Ride Safe, Y’all!

  2. RabidTurkey2k8 says:

    omg using that transcribe audio ting is hilarious sometimes

  3. geritolwhamfan says:

    This guy is a tool. He never mentioned protective boots or protective pants. Do you think your legs and feet are safe in a crash without the proper gear on?
    What a dumb ass.

  4. motormanish says:

    Never mentions boots or protective pants. Aren’t your legs and feet going to get torn up in a crash, if not protected?
    What an idiot. Don’t listen to these people. All the gear all the time.

  5. Armacalypse says:

    It sounds like he’s saying the gloves are more important than the helmet.

  6. Luc3r01 says:

    i knew he was in arizona no wonder looks familiar lol…

  7. amk1992amk1992amk says:

    this vid didnt help at all so can any one tell me what is the top brands for both protection and style?

  8. lemmeluk says:

    the only reason people don’t wear it is A. There plain idiots or B. the gear cost’s to much so they don’t botha

  9. cursedparty says:

    Free Motorbike Manuals Here – Download Now – ** freemotorcyclemanuals (dot) net **

  10. Tdotballer01 says:

    i need the winnter one manz be livin in canada

  11. theDEVILdog0300 says:

    so true..

  12. geritolwhamfan says:

    I guess he doesn’t give a shit about anything below his waist. What about protective pants and boots? DUH. Those parts of the body hit the ground when you fall too.

  13. geritolwhamfan says:

    Jeans are not good. If you fall your jeans will only last for 10 feet. After that it is your skin that gets ground off. Have you ever seen the result of serious road rash? if you did, I’ll bet you would run right out a get a pair of real riding pants. All the gear all the time.

  14. 2channelgeek says:

    you also need kneeshin guards under pants. those are not expensiv. in case of falling down, which part of your body hits most badly?

  15. rolo454 says:

    I wear everything bar the boots on my 50cc.
    Some people ask me why on a 50cc as it looks strange but i’d rather keep my life as ive crashed before and without the jacket and trousers I would have some bad scars.

  16. SniperSheep92 says:

    yeah boots defo i heard of a guy breakin his ankle and the only think holding it in place was his boot

  17. djay230 says:

    i think jeans are fine with legs….if you can ride pretty good…but boots is a must….my friend got the foot peg stuck in his ankle once….always wear ankle high boots.

  18. CatAtomic99 says:

    My boots have saved me from breaking an ankle more than once when my bike kicked back. You need some good solid boots that cover the ankles.

  19. SniperSheep92 says:

    boots? legs?

    i ride a lil 50cc motorbike and i still wear all this stuff wouldnt risk it

  20. masserby says:

    Shadow right on back protector. One in jacket better than nothing, but longer separate one best.

  21. MoonSheWolf says:

    Yeah, missing some parts of safety gear…
    pants, shoes…

  22. temis5 says:

    what about the pants?

  23. r19640 says:

    hello expertvillage,

    fine that a helmet is a must for you – but what about safety pants and boots (even in hot arizona).

    ShadowR1der70 is right with what he is saying about back protectors.

  24. ShadowR1der70 says:

    Hahaha – nice try – i’m sure those pants and shoes will protect you real good. Plus you need a seperat backprotektor covering the hole of your back the ones in jackets are pretty much useless!

  25. tavo393 says:

    nice vid

  26. ricardo4094 says:


  27. new9876 says:

    wtf some americans really talk stupid.

  28. MrGlavesy says:

    y do americans slur there words so much, makes em sound like downs

  29. techno2b says:

    hmmmm i would like to suck some cock hmmm 13 inch hmmmm

  30. rkelly6946 says:

    Not only do i work in the motorcycle industry, but i have a set of smx-4s… i wear them to go to the convenience store… anything longer than that and i wouldnt trust them… they do not have ankle protection, as i said, other than the fact that your ankles are covered

  31. L4Isoside says:

    It does have ankle protection, albeit not to the degree of a pure race boot, but they are still very good boots. There is also the the gortex version which water proof . I wouldn’t ware the first boot shown for any bigger bike…

    (I have the smx-5’s btw.)

  32. vstrom90 says:

    I have never seen a boot that wasnt over the ankle and closed toe. Isnt that a boot by definition?

  33. nippleparty says:

    and just for fun! im gonna shove that boot up your ass

  34. taralouise7 says:

    Nervous much? haha

  35. chadsoccer90 says:

    stop saying ummm so much i cant concentrate on what you are saying

  36. rkelly6946 says:

    ummmmmmm…. the SMX-4 boot….. ummmmmm…. ISNT A FUCKING RACE BOOT… ummmmmm….. its a sport touring boot AT BEST, as it has no ankle protection to speak of other than it covers them… ummmmmm…. get another job that you might know something about…. ummmmmmmmmmmmm….

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