Motorcycles : Finding Discount Motorcycle Clothing

Discount motorcycle clothing can be found both new and used on manufacturer’s Web sites, on eBay and on Craigslist, but helmets should always be purchased new for safety reasons. Find less expensive motorcycle gear with helpful tips from an experienced motorcyclist in this free video on motorcycle accessories. Expert: Chris Poulsen Bio: Chris Poulsen is an experienced motorcycle rider and author of “Motorcycle Drills For New Riders,” a self-paced guide to learning the fundamentals of motorcycle riding and safety. Filmmaker: Jay Windland

9 Responses to “Motorcycles : Finding Discount Motorcycle Clothing”

  1. SuperBudrow1993 says:

    my head will be broken? haha

  2. MegaDisanayaka says:

    Naughty women need to chat online

  3. shoopwhoopX says:

    i saw a 2 piece race suit at good will for $35, medium

  4. PaddyMacNasty says:

    I have never seen a single one of these eHow or expert village videos that gives you any decent advice. This guys advice is go on the internet. Fucking useless.

  5. wobblyisthebest says:

    i like this guy.cheers for the advice – good videos you got

  6. geedunk13 says:

    Whoever is watching just google the helmet and get the best price that google finds

  7. joeyrotten101 says:

    @sdobbs20 it is ameture hour, these vids are for begginers 😛

  8. sdobbs20 says:

    ya no kidding. this isn’t amateur hour.

  9. sabre0 says:

    Quite useless, have to say. At least list a few websites other than craigslist.

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