school project that ment something to me and i just wanted to share it with everyone.

motorcycle trialsby splitfire1000253228 views; 700 MOTORCYCLES COPS RIDE FOR KIDS MiamiFL 957. Watch Later 700 MOTORCYCLES COPS RIDE FOR KIDS MiamiFLby jcl63685 views; Hot Wheels Motorcycle Toys w Rider For Kids in 164 Scale Diecast Toy 109. Watch Later Hot Wheels Motorcycle Toys w Rider For Kids in 164 Scale Diecast Toy Size For Toddler Childrenby peepmysteelo118 views; Kids First Dirt Bike Ride 428. Watch Later Kids First Dirt Bike Rideby Clintus110827 views


  1. bellefemmelle says:

    i love the ban. hope it moves in to canada. ATV drivers suck

  2. krodey says:

    Isnt funny how President Obama Congratulates Jimmy Johnson and procedes to say that Jimmy started out in motocross, then made his way to Nascar. Not sure when it was taped but watched it 1:50am 8/20/09 ESPN2HD. Where would he be now if it wasnt for Motocross

  3. mistra2008 says:

    it already has been put into effect. the only way to get poiseneed is if the kid is wearing shorts and somehow falls and gets a bad burn on the engine or licks/eats his or her bike. im 15 and have been riding sence i was 6 and never once have been burned and i ride in shorts all the time. the ban is pointless and will most likely end soon.

  4. jls1znv9999 says:

    I was wondering if anyone had a link to a possible deadline or day that this retarded law is put into effect? I know there are some parts i need to get before it happens. I am a responsible parent and with proper supervision i don’t think it posses’ a hazard to my kids. What’s next a ban on all import vehicles? How ignorant can they be. It will lead to kids riding things that they are too small for, or that homemade bikes start showing up! That posses’ a greater hazard!

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