The 2009 Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles

Seeing what comes next; going where no one’s ever gone: that’s why we got on this road in the first place. No matter how far we’ve gone, there’s still room to take it further. Because nothing feels better then knowing you’ve got plenty of road ahead. Introducing the 2009 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.
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25 Responses to “The 2009 Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles”

  1. xxx9888888888 says:

    i want harley so bad ………… m gona have sportster 883 cse its my first harley and its gud for beginner ……..

  2. old51chief says:


  3. rinsampessy says:

    I’m from Indonesia but Damn God Bless America for creating Harley Davidson

  4. whatever0481 says:

    Jesus Christ of Motor Cycles – Harley Davidson!!!

  5. Outsider557 says:

    @fatglide YOU THE MAN!!!

  6. zombieloser says:

    the harley is sheer perfection…its a real mans bike

  7. BrothersofsinMC says:

    B.O.S!B.O.S!B.O.S! Hrleys are the true bike kings that is why the brothers of sin are always buying them U.S.A!U.S.A!U.S.A!

  8. JoeJC says:

    I want harley.

  9. jmend56 says:

    @noushitaisa The roads where I live are mountainous and curvey!

  10. erehwyrevekool says:

    I love all the motorcycles …..I married an Harley-Davidson!

  11. georgerelax says:

    love harley’s…

  12. TheFanush says:

    maybe better music;-) video is extreme!

  13. noushitaisa says:

    There are some silly buggers commenting here. The Harley is built for the USA and its long straight roads. If I live there I’d have one tomorrow (an FX/DX preferably). But I live in Japan and so I ride a Kawasaki W650. Horses for courses boys…

  14. gotmuff says:

    @intellisis I think they’re probably more interested in seeing if they can score a hit from your bikie gang pals


    maybe there should be a civil rights movements for motorcycles, so it cud b cool to ride wut u want or like.

  16. digitalbaba1960 says:

    Whats with insults every video about Harley. They nicest bikes on earth some of them art work. Every other comment filled by macho crap. Dont liked find another site with all machos I have seen they brain on the road side not much of it but they use to be in somebodys head before. I am getting one anyway.

  17. DaAlbinoPenguin says:

    Oh i think you’ve mistaken me for a Harley Davidson Rider.

  18. BigBikerBob1 says:

    Fuck off Fudgey Boy. I’m sure you have ass to fuck.

  19. DaAlbinoPenguin says:

    Exactly seems like you are finally understanding that Harley Davidson drivers like anal and are fags 😀

  20. BigBikerBob1 says:

    I see. So you are the reciever and he is the giver. Whatever turns your crank.

  21. DaAlbinoPenguin says:

    Its not my fault my Harley davidson “boyfriend” likes to fuck people in the head. Hence why i call him a fag.

  22. BigBikerBob1 says:

    Hey Flamer Boy. I thought you got fucked to death by your boyfriend.

  23. red33m23 says:

    Road King Classic Anniversary…this is my bike

  24. DaAlbinoPenguin says:


  25. Bigbadbikerbob says:

    Hey Flamer boy, don’t you have better things to do right now? You should get back to sucking your boyfriends dick because your comments aren’t welcome on Harley vids.

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