1964 Allstate 250 SGS Twingle Motorcycle Made By Puch

This 1964 Allstate 250 Motorcycle was made by Puch and sold in the United States under the Allstate brand. It featured the Twingle engine, which was a 250cc 2-stroke engine with one cylinder and 2 pistons. This one was restored by Dave Perewitz for Allstate Insurance to display at motorcycle shows. The Chrome tank is really nice, and it’s a good-looking little motorcycle. The Austrian version of this motorcycle was called the PUCH SGS (Schwing-Gabel-Sport). It’s a classic motorcycle I had never seen before. मोटरसाइकिल オートバイ 摩托车
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I really hope this ends up in court and the scammer is sitting in front of a judge when he learns the car he tried to scam has dash cam footage.

16 Responses to “1964 Allstate 250 SGS Twingle Motorcycle Made By Puch”

  1. Frichie68 says:

    Good bike for the bucks in the 60’s. I put a bunch of miles on mine.

  2. thedanned says:

    Such a bizarre engine design

  3. KoRno21 says:

    I wonder how long he stayed on the ground… And what he was thinking when he realized that it didn’t go as he was planned

  4. veyronman says:


  5. piggybackshaw says:

    @Bruno5940 indeed this is quite hilarious

  6. Bruno5940 says:


  7. andyroll91 says:


  8. wraithRaptor says:

    what a massive pleb.

  9. ThereIsNothingToFear says:

    @benja303 im swedish and im whiter than a polar bear

  10. ThereIsNothingToFear says:

    im swedish and im whiter than a polar bear

  11. benja303 says:

    @ThereIsNothingToFear Booo nigga.. try again

  12. ThisGuyFrritz says:

    @benja303 Of course! Anyone can tell. We could give that guy several names. I called that guy an IDIOT. Maybe you could call him dumb [fanny]. How about names like [your word here] face, or other names followed by [fanny]: stupid, silly, candy, fat (or big), bad (maybe too good for him), or busted. There are many names for that non-professional stuntman scam artist.

  13. ThereIsNothingToFear says:

    @benja303 it’s not his fault that you have your period

  14. benja303 says:

    @ThisGuyFrritz Well obviously it’s a fucking insurance scam.. dumb ass…

  15. ThisGuyFrritz says:

    0:12 You can tell he DELIBERATELY ran into the car. That’s why the camera was installed. IDIOT!

  16. elvispiss says:


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