2004 Yamaha YZ450F Test Ride Video “Dirt Bike” wheely jump

Get your GoPro Helmet Cam here: www.jdoqocy.com Great website for Dirtbike gear and parts: www.tkqlhce.com Test Ride video for 2004 Yamaha YZ450F. See bike for sale here: mossimotoindustries.com 2004 Yamaha YZ450F Dirtbike For Sale 00 Great Shape!! Very clean and runs perfectly! Comes with some extras including: new seat, new graphics kit, new shifter. Also has aftermarket Tag Metals brake and clutch levers. Small crack in front fender, no problem and isn’t very visible. Small dent in side of exhaust muffler, doesn’t affect performance or sound. Good condition tires, absolutely no damage to the bike. This bike is stock, no aftermarket parts besides levers. Bike has had 2 owners, both road racers. This bike has never been raced and has been used primarily on trails. 99% of riding done at DurhamTown Plantation in Georgia. Bike has been excellently maintained and has never had any problems. Bike starts right up and runs smooth, never a problem. Very strong! This bike is so clean it looks like it has been sitting on a showroom floor! Check out the video to see and hear the bike run. The suspension is also in excellent condition, watch as the bike lands out of the loading dock. Call or email us to schedule an appointment to view the bike. Mossimoto Industries www.MOSSIMOTO.com FuelYourPassion@Mossimoto.com

25 Responses to “2004 Yamaha YZ450F Test Ride Video “Dirt Bike” wheely jump”

  1. saulignacio1 says:

    Is this in norcross ga?!?

  2. military4life1 says:

    That is one nice bike it’s sick

  3. funneycrap5152 says:

    terrible filming

  4. ImaDarryl says:

    you say it was road raced, then say it’s never been raced. are you high??

  5. kingkongracingJR says:

    @gexxer6 retard. just cause it was raced doesnt mean he will constantly be rebuilding it

  6. TheHammer209 says:

    @gexxer6 even if you could get a 2009 keep the 2004 because it is more badass.

  7. ILoveDodgeCummins says:

    That bike sounds Beast!!!!!!

  8. jasoncherryy says:

    @murfthesmurfl3 its not to much money…..i sold my modded crf250x which was a 2004 for 3,000

  9. sanmanuelyamaha says:

    @gexxer6 This is a very very poor statement, people get the wrong idea about a race bike do you know to maintenance intervals? A dealer sponsored race bike gets meticulously maintained. Saying that your bike has never been rebuilt is a very poor statement. I would choose a 250hr race bike over your 250hr stock bike that’s never had a top end done on it, plus your valves are probably close to shot. I would choose the race bike any day.

  10. drewwaterz1686 says:

    how fast does this thing go topped out

  11. gapi1995 says:

    Hi..did you already sell it?

  12. InfamousStax says:

    @icanseeyou10 I’m sure you are. But I can’t help you, sorry dude.

  13. icanseeyou10 says:

    @InfamousStax have a link? im interested

  14. sevan420 says:

    wow the description makes no fuken sence!!!!!

  15. chrisduker002 says:

    no where

  16. atvchick09 says:

    i dont think its too much if its race ready at all 🙂

  17. penorwrinkle says:

    sounds like theres no paking in the pipe

  18. rhyst94 says:

    y it sound like that?

  19. InfamousStax says:

    @gexxer6 my friend got 2 bran new 2009 yz450f’s both in the crate for $4500 each…

  20. dariocrr2trider says:

    was the video made in norcross,ga

  21. killswitch6988 says:

    @605manuel dude the 2010 yz 450’s are going for 7k +

  22. 39kawasaki says:

    2010 yz450 is 7000 or more

  23. Nypoison says:

    thats like music to my ears

  24. rama6maiden says:


  25. Chimpaliciousness says:

    what state do u live in

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