2008 Ducati 848 For Sale or Rent

2008 Ducati 848 For Sale or Rent KBB puts the value of this bike at 85.00 But we are willing to let it go for 00.00 firm. It is in Columbus NJ Call or text Kevin at 732-284-8074 or rent it here: catalog.quadrental.biz
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www.flemingsultimategarage.com Ultra rare, only 300 worldwide, 50 US! Almost K in receipts, Ducati Red, factory full carbon fiber fairings, panels, & bodywork, Ohlins front fork and Ohlins rear shock, Leo Vince titanium exhaust, Brembo front and rear brakes, Brembo radial master cylinder, Brembo radial clutch master, Ohlins steering damper, Marchesini forged alloys, fresh Pirelli Corsas, Cycle Cat rearsets, Cycle Cat clip ons, beautifully shown, fresh service, factory red key, bike cover and manuals. www.flemingsultimategarage.com 301.816.1000
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13 Responses to “2008 Ducati 848 For Sale or Rent”

  1. ChatsworthATVRentals says:

    On youtube watch
    Motorcycle Ride #1 &
    Motorcycle Ride #2

  2. ChatsworthATVRentals says:

    It has never been on a race track.

    It handles great, you feel like a pro in the turns and like superman on the straights.
    Here is a video my son made, we were riding the 848 and the SV650

  3. ChatsworthATVRentals says:

    6603 miles, it has a clean title, it was dropped on the right side and the fairing was replaced with aftermarket body work.

    When it was drop it did have the frame sliders on it, but the upper, middle and tail section bodywork was cracked and replaced with aftermarket bodywork.

    Because of the frame sliders: the frame, radiator and electronics were not damaged. The gas tank did end of with a couple of surface scratches, but it did not go through the paint.

  4. rider2981 says:

    $8999 is that the selling price? how many miles on it ? n whats the hystory of the bike?

  5. eaglesdood16 says:

    this guy is a total goob hahaha such an awesome bike. i saw one in a ducati showroom years ago and i thought i was about to die

  6. Bozarov says:


  7. Essae21 says:

    @TheThingamajig lol i said 999R, 999 base and 999s are in the price range you mentioned. however the 999R is a very special and rare bike

  8. TheThingamajig says:

    @Essae21 red and black 999s 2 for sale in my area at around 9-11k. try sf bay area on craigslist lol

  9. Essae21 says:

    @TheThingamajig LOL you saw a 999R for 6k? Send me the link i’d like to buy all 4 lol

  10. PKAWA says:

    I have just bought a ’04 999R which will be delivered in less than 2 weeks.
    Now that i watched this vid it’s hard to wait that long. LOVE it’s sound.

  11. TheThingamajig says:

    “very expensive”… i saw like 4 on craigslist today from the expensive at 13k to cheapy at 6k.. its his mods are expensive i think motorbikes are BARGAINS for their quality.. love the shit out of em

  12. dannyd5341 says:

    possibly the nicest bike ever made

  13. imking7 says:

    sounds like diesel and gun shoots

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