2008 Kawasaki KLX140 – Dirt Bike First Ride

When Kawasaki decided to develop the ultimate playbike, it slapped together a development team of pro motocross riders, youth testers and the vital ingredient of Kawasaki’s motocross engineers. The result is a high tech, high performance enduro bike that’s versatile enough to appeal to a wide range of riders, young and old. The 2008 Kawasaki KLX140, and the bigger wheeled KLX140L (17/14 vs. 19/16), is more than just your mama’s mini. Kawasaki challenges playbike competitors with better ergonomics, more power, beefy front and rear disc brakes and suspension options, which are uncommon in entry level bikes. Watch the video and then read the full story at www.motorcycle-usa.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “2008 Kawasaki KLX140 – Dirt Bike First Ride”

  1. Lectrictrojan says:

    /watch?v=j1KlHGuH1T4 ^^

  2. Benjaminmotorcross says:


  3. MotoCrossedx says:

    Selling my klx140l Look on my channel PLEASE its a really good price and runs great CHECK IT OUT!!

  4. epicatari says:

    @booyyee yea, i own one and im 6 feet tall. The 140L id recommend and its a very peppy bike, idk anyone who does trail riding in 5th gear topping out in the woods so its very nice. top speed is 60-70 depending on the rider

  5. thedeem0N says:

    These fucking companies…I spent over $3500 one year buying a brand new Yamaha RT100, & a Brand New Yamaha RT180 & THEY BOTH SUCKED there was NO Upgrading either bike because nobody made parts for them, know why?!? BECAUSE AN RT100 IS REALLY A LATE 1977 Yamaha MX100 & an RT180 is really a fucking 1978 Yamaha MX175!!!

  6. booyyee says:

    I’m 4″9 would this bike last me a long time?

  7. zDAVEYHAWKINSz says:

    I have one of em and im selling it to get a 250 because im 15 and 5’11 lol and i got this bike when i was 13 and about 5’3 but go look at my videos and look at mine and msg or comment on them if you have any questions about the bike or hwo much i would sell it for.

  8. andym1508 says:

    hey, im looking to buy a dirt bike but im not sure how many cc’s i need and really what brand of bike to get. It is for a farming property´╗┐ that has a fuckload of steep hills, i want a bike that get up the hills with ease. For anyone that can give me any suggestions, thanks.

  9. mikey131695 says:

    @ESKrider1 duh why the hell would you say that? of course it would but i think you missed the point of the video its for beginners and trail riding

  10. mikey131695 says:

    @tlokemx11 yeah i disagree with that i race motocrossand you need more strength and way more patience to race enduro

  11. mikey131695 says:

    @zacreardon123 there all a bunch of idoits with computers lol

  12. laxwork says:

    you talk much and u not answer……. why?

  13. laxwork says:

    why I can not find to my place?

  14. john150f says:

    alright let me help you here ayye sara it depnds on what you would like to do either if its just riding trails having fun get a dirt bike but if you want a bike to just ride on roads and showoff pocketbike…but i would get a dirt bike if i were you .. and it depends on what kind of dirt bike it is for speed

  15. poojetotheattack says:

    pocket bikes are gay

  16. AyyeSara says:

    For Christmas im either getting a Pocket Bike or a Dirt Bike. I’m trying to find out witch one is better. Can anyone help me?

    And how fast does a dirt bike go ?

  17. nacho1741 says:

    good bike!, someone i know says his stock klx140 will beat my cr125lol

  18. JonIndustries253 says:

    I don’t care what it comes with its still slow!

  19. StreetBmxMonster says:

    only electric start ????????????

  20. JG93148 says:

    im 12 and i have that bike but its a 2009 not 2008

  21. freezinteen says:

    yeh its a trail bike

  22. emishadows88 says:

    hi im new on the motorcycles bussines and im going to buy this bike but i have a quiestion im like 1.80m high and i want to know if this bike its good for me or its small or somthin please help me ! thanks

  23. soildsnake1ak says:

    no power on this shit

  24. ilikechoclatemilk13 says:

    you should get a 140

  25. bobtheduck26 says:

    i have had one for a year and i havent had to charge it once

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