49cc Mini Harley Davidson Motorcycle

VERY OLD VID from 2006. When I just got it, on the same day I recorded it with my moto razer v3 phone. It had 4 speed semi automatic trans and 49cc 4 stroke with nice exhaust.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SHOP AT: www.scooterdepot.us Engine:50cc 4-Stroke Transmission: CVT Automatic Final Drive: Belt Ignition System: CDI Starting System: Electric / Kick Start Battery: 12V-7AH Maximum Speed: 30-32 MPH (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions) Fuel Capacity: 5.5 L

18 Responses to “49cc Mini Harley Davidson Motorcycle”

  1. HitMan1212121 says:

    I would like to bye your mini chopper please send me a new video of this and we can talk about the price then okay my email is Cody_Boles@hotmail.com

  2. PULSARCGE says:

    i was wondaring if u wer wanting to sell it..?

  3. 30GB says:

    its a 49cc because it says it right on the cylinder

  4. Tejvir Dosanjh says:

    thats not 49cc its 110cc

  5. snookpudge23 says:

    that is so bad ass

  6. bigk45 says:

    ok i was just wondering because i was givin one just like that actually its a lot less takin care of i am thinkin about fixing it up a little bit but it still runs strong

  7. 30GB says:

    we got it for around $300 but now it might be more expensive like $500 or cheaper i dont really know

  8. bigk45 says:

    around how much is somthing like that worth now a days ???

  9. 30GB says:

    well the one i have is rare because its built very well compered to ones today but you can find one at stores that sell scooters and gas stuff

  10. deeshiznet2222 says:

    I want this but cnt find it anywhere. Where do i get this

  11. matthewmarrs123 says:

    i would of bought a motorcycle tarp for it and keep it locked up under the porch or beside the shed locked up.

  12. maitremeast says:

    friend of mine is selling for 300 to me btw just saying

  13. backspaceking5 says:

    where and how much, that is a crazy nice bike man

  14. 30GB says:

    if i still have it lol i sold it last year it was very fun to drive but had no room for it at the new house so we sold it 🙁

  15. DannysCam says:

    PUMP IT!!!

  16. ikcti says:


  17. JayAlmighty says:

    Nice, where’d you get this?

  18. ninny56 says:


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