49cc Moped with Pedals LAZER 5 DEMO AND INFO 72CC BIG BORE

The brand new Bashan Lazer 5 49cc Gas Pedal Moped 9 – Free Shipping from HIGH STYLE MOTORING. A little info and walk-a-round on this amazing machine that cruises like a dream and gets over 100 MPG! Kyle’s buddy both work the boats down in Huntington beach, CA and needed some simple and economical transportation to and from the boats and the harbor. Parking can be a little hard to find around the coastal areas of So Cal and elsewhere and these 49cc/72cc Lazer 5 Mopeds are just the answer. Park anywhere and get there economically and in style with the 4 stroke Lazer5 and if you own one, you just might forget how to get to the gas station. 9 includes all fees and shipping directly to your door – nationwide. The model shown in this video was customized with our 72cc BIG BORE cylinder kit that will give your Moped some serious performance since the piston is nearly 50% bigger than stock. Hill climbing and top end performance are greatly enhance while maintaining the fuel economy we’ve all come to expect out of this product over the years. Price of the Lazer 5 pedal moped with the BIG BORE is 99 including free nationwide shipping. For an extra .00 we will even put her in stealth mode by grinding the 72cc die stamp off of the cylinder head so you’re the only one to know she’s pushing all of those extra ponies… Check the site regularly because we often include free stuff with your moped purchase as a way to say thanks for your business. If you are curious and would

6 Responses to “49cc Moped with Pedals LAZER 5 DEMO AND INFO 72CC BIG BORE”

  1. HighStyleMotoring1 says:

    The owner of SSR is in China right now nailing down the details.

    We will make a few Youtube vids as soon as we receive the prototype!

    Ride Safe!

  2. pheenix42 says:

    Supposedly there’s a top tank version in the works…hope you folks get to sell those too!

  3. HighStyleMotoring1 says:

    Hi Pheenix!

    The Lazer 5’s are incredible machines! Now that 150cc Ruckus clone in the background has been our #1 selling Scooter 3 years in a row. We have recently designed an evil motor for that model and we’re currently testing them out on a couple of our customers bikes. I rode just one of the prototypes and the torque on that Scoot is INSANE! Stroker crank, ported, polished, 63mm piston, hand machined cases and much more. She’ll probably reach speeds of 80 MPH + once we gear it.

    Ride Safe!

  4. pheenix42 says:

    Great bike! Also, I want to try that Ruckus clone in the background…

  5. Frank Strand says:

    I’ve had mine for over 2 years now and could not be happier with the Lazer 5 72cc moped big bore.

    3 of my friends have bought them from High Style and have experienced the same stellar results. Unfortunately, one of my cheap skate buddies tried to upgrade his himself and has had issues ever since. Much safer to chose the company that provides professional installation and after sale advice – imo.

    Sounds like this guy with the problems tried to save a few bucks and got in over his head :0

  6. HighStyleMotoring1 says:

    crusin – Over the years we’ve discovered that people install inferior BIG BORE kits on their Mopeds, whether it’s a Lazer, tomos, puch or other brand. We have developed our own high quality kit that, among other things, uses a Billet piston over a cheaper forged version.

    Our piston and much of our proprietary process is demonstrated in our YouTube videos

    We have literally thousands of satisfied customers since 1987

    Next time, consider having your BIG BORE kit installed by professionals – TY

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