First Ride Ever. Honda CRF250 (Enduro) Dirt Bike

This is my first time riding a motorcycle 🙂 my good friend Egor lives just down the street from me and currently owns this honda Crf 250 aswell as a Yamaha …
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8 Responses to “First Ride Ever. Honda CRF250 (Enduro) Dirt Bike”

  1. Matthew Jimenez says:

    is tthat a crf 250 l

  2. Cyanide rawr says:

    This is my first time riding a bike and well seeing as alot of people
    either fall off or drop the bike i think i did rather well. and i could
    barely twist the throttle because the bike just wanted to take off.

  3. Cyanide rawr says:

    They’re so similar! 😮

  4. Cyanide rawr says:

    Thanks alot man! 🙂 still 9 months to go haha, i’m buying a 70cc engine for
    my normal pushie though so that’ll get me around until then.

  5. martinmyrene says:

    For a first time, that was pretty damn good:) Good luck on your license!

  6. Chris Donovan says:

    “Has a lot of power for a 250” how do you know, you only went 3 mph.

  7. SuperGosheto says:

    This is not a crf250x .. just Mikilon 250 :)..china..

  8. Cyanide rawr says:
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