This is a walk-around of one of our fabulous 250cc Sport Road Legal Quad Bikes – these bikes can be driven on road in the UK by anyone with a Full UK Car Lic…


  1. ladybueller says:

    nvm I just found it lol

  2. ladybueller says:

    um I don’t see this in ur website 🙁

  3. grubach54 says:

    I am seriously interested, from what I’ve heard the can be given a boost of power by switching to a larger air filter, and rejetting the Carb.

  4. Ell Adjalov says:

    so is this automatic or manual, ehat are the pedals

  5. Todd Place says:

    Let’s see it being ridden!

  6. rktman1965 says:

    I’m currently considering buying this same trike , what can you tell me about it (good, bad) there is no way i can afford a Harley they’re about 10 times the price.

  7. ViralFate says:

    I have the utility trike from ice bear and it has it’s problems but this is a lot different. I am very interested in seeing a review for this as well from someone not trying to sell it.

  8. myancov says:

    where did you buy yours from ? I’ve heard nothing but bad things about these…

  9. GPBraaten says:

    Very informative video.
    I need to hear it run, but more than that can it be registered in California?

  10. Dale Speck says:

    Please post video actually running and riding it.

  11. MrCamokiller666 says:

    everywhere i look states a differant top speed im about 250lbs so what would be the top speed and what would be a good speed to run it at so it dousn’t damage the moter

  12. madmike1981 says:

    id like to hear it I cannot find a video of this bike running/riding anywhere

  13. Paul Hooson says:

    Not a bad low priced motorcycle that gets plenty of attention. I own one, and I’m mostly well pleased. I might consider a bigger engine in the future though for more power. But, a good starter bike. I recommend it.

  14. EXALTEDDIRT says:

    Are you good enough to go to Heaven? Ever told a lie? Ever stolen? Ever looked at a woman with Lust? Ever hated anyone? If so, God sees you as a Lying, Thieving, Adulterer, and murderer at heart and you must face God on Judgment day.God will judge you by his Law’s. Will you be Innocent or Guilty? Heaven or Hell? Revelation 21v8 says; “All liars will have their part in the lake of fire” No thief or Adulterer will enter Heaven.You broke God’s Law’s but Jesus paid your fine! Trust in Christ alone

  15. Mufc4ever1992 says:

    Make a video of ya driving it

  16. IrelandIsUnreal says:


  17. Golovorez Kilerovih says:

    штука супер)))

  18. callum allan says:

    what is the website for this and what is the name of the quad

  19. John Carter says:

    WHAT A PIECE OF SCRAP CHRIST !!! Watch Quad Special 2:01 and thank me later EVOLVE PEOPLE EVOLVE !!!

  20. carltay9 says:

    its the uk mate

  21. ESPANTOSO209 says:

    which country is this? and what are the minimal requirments to make a quad street legal?

  22. mutantroosta says:

    yes you can change them too if they wear out, but that doesnt really have anything to do with changing the drive ratios on quadbikes.. apart from needing to take it off the diff housing to change the diff..

  23. bytmeh says:

    Change the output shaft or uni joint?? derr hello

  24. mutantroosta says:

    you mean apart from being able to easily change the gear ratio for the way you want the bike to perform? or if you want bigger wheels you can lower the gear ration to compensate..
    yes, you can do it with a new diff…but a new front and/or rear sprocket costs alot less than a new diff

  25. leapoffaith20 says:

    I doubt it, I really doubt it.

  26. terminator0405 says:

    Is that a viper quad? Do you know if they are street legal in the US?

  27. Beck Hodges says:

    I wouldnt get one but i love can am the only reason y is cos i would want to flog it all the time 

  28. andy5144 says:

    this aint a jla loncin.
    this is the fake one.
    a real one has bigger wheels on the back then on the front
    and he had 270 wide tires back and 170 on the front…

  29. osp80 says:

    every top of the line sport ATV is chain drive/solid axle.the top of the line $8600 yamaha yfz450 is like that.are you saying the makers of the r1 motorcycle don’t know how to make a ATV? the honda 450r is the same way.i also didn’t say road bike,i said sport bike.

  30. bytmeh says:

    there are shaft drive road bikes dont be ignorant, plus we are talking ATV’s here anyways no? all I was saying is that mid to high end ATV’s are shaft/cvt and this thing has a single spring rear suspension?? It’s a kids atv

  31. osp80 says:

    you realize every real sport bike on the road has a chain right?

  32. osp80 says:

    better tell virtually ever sport quad manufacturer then.BTW you can have independent suspension and chain drive.

  33. ThePK3000 says:

    That’s baddddddd

  34. bytmeh says:

    lol whatever man you suck balls bigtime

  35. Regape96 says:

    of course but they are a utillity quad arent they?

  36. Regape96 says:

    Yeah well the thing with chains is that unlike shafts, they are flexible. And if shaft drive is so good then why is it that almsot every quad excluding 4*4’s has chain drive.
    I quote from wikipedia ‘The LT250R setup is what is commonly used in today’s sport quads, such as:… 2-wheel rear drive with a solid axle… Chain drive’

  37. bytmeh says:

    You are a retard man, measure the torsion and tensile strength of chain, then match the same length with a bar of steel….. retard…. It weighs less woopdidoo it also fails, breaks and gets dirty as your mums vagina

  38. Regape96 says:

    Perhaps because it weighs less and puts more power to the rear wheels?

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