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We check out KTM’s newest super bike- the 2009 RC8 1190. Join Places 2 Ride for more highlights from the 2008-2009 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show.

29 Responses to “KTM Freeride zero emission electric sports motorcycles : DigInfo”

  1. extremenation says:

    @Pjdr3500 check out zero electric motorcycles… made in us eco friendly battery and way better all around. plus they all ready have 4 models available to buy…

  2. Pjdr3500 says:

    all that work and no power to the front wheel

  3. Pjdr3500 says:

    cool concept , great for riding in places you dont belong with out detection , but if this catches on with the tree huggers . they will outlaw internial combustion engines on bikes and the racing community will be the ones that take the screwing . forget enduros / and long course scrambles . Instead of a fuel stop it will be a battery swap and with lithium who will have money for a few batteries to swap / what about dumping it in water . Will it short out? Will acid spill into the water ?

  4. hartland17 says:

    looks sweet but cudnt deal with 45 minuites, id rather have the petrol so i know ill never run out. cant u make the engine into a kind of generater when it runs so it charges the battery up n never runs out?

  5. sorban1 says:

    The freerider costs 10.000 euros.

  6. ultralowmass says:

    aluminum frames are a negative for dirt . Originally it was thought that a super riggid frame was the way to go. Turns out flex in the right amount and way is best. Aluminum has serious fatique issues when flexed so has to be designed not too. The problem is the consumer. Once they see the trick sexy aluminum frame thats it. They believe its best. The manufacture knows they have to give them what they want or be seen as lower tech. Al frames are a nightmear to get to flex right. Steel is easy.

  7. vrd180 says:

    @Rambl147 KTM’s current steal motocross frames are LIGHTER than any other brand’s frame, can be welded on by anyone, and are cheaper to produce and make changes to than aluminum frames. They also allow more room to work around the carb and engine for jetting, maintenance, etc. The 250sx has the greatest power to weight ratio of any motocross bike built and like all KTMs it has a steal frame. KTMs do not need aluminum frames.

  8. Rambl147 says:

    @iceboks Definately it would be better for everyday use not competition. Atleast untill its more developed. KTm needs to take the alumium frame step next, other then that they are up there with the jap bikes now or even better.

  9. Rambl147 says:

    An aluminium frame would improve this bike and all ktm bikes.

  10. Billy982810 says:

    I want a couple.

  11. kungfukram says:

    45 minutes… is that the length of a race or something? Obviously it needs to ride longer than that for most recreational riders. Good work KTM, but that range has got to triple or quadruple. Or let me hook it up to my car when I take a break.

  12. LimitedFreshAir says:

    @iceboks KTM are sport only

  13. James2179109 says:

    wonder how long the battery last for a trail ride

  14. EL53Y says:

    @mo2tercross Mate this is only a prototype. Im sure they will boost everything and make everything that extra bit better and longer lasting.

  15. culu83 says:

    OK, but: How much?

  16. pumba1337 says:

    @CreamPie9uy has 30 hp -> interesting is the torgue : 54 hp đŸ™‚ and i think you can “smoke” every other supermoto/enduro/motocrosss/or whatever with it, because its so fucking light and has that fucking much torgue

  17. mo2tercross says:

    45 mins wtf i go out riding for like 3 hours maybe more

  18. iceboks says:

    they should have made a commuter version instead of a sports version. I’m sure they can lighten up the bike even more since a commuter bike doesn’t need all the extra strength and support a sports bike does. Slap on some slicks and you’re good to go.

  19. kamevalley1510 says:

    it’s good and cool.

  20. passion4729 says:

    @CreamPie9uy stop talking you sound stupid

  21. WaZaBi389 says:

    it looks smexy~ (>o^)b

  22. CreamPie9uy says:

    If you were to use the bike every day using a full charge, the battery is only good for just under 17 months. I know the lithium used in the batteries can be recycled and was wondering if they would do a part exchange for a new battery and how much that might be. Also what sort of range has the bike got on a full charge? How many kilowatt / hours of electricity does it take to charge it up from flat? Would like to see a basic economical commuter type bike like this in the future.

  23. nightskill01 says:

    how much will cost the whole motorcycle and how much the battery?

  24. mixed123456 says:

    good but i would like to know how much will cost the battery once the “500” times ran out.

  25. yakitoriPB says:

    i was extrememly disappointed in the cycle world show this year in Dallas. The exhibitor selection was horrible. Vendors did not bring and display good shit (ie helmets, etc) Most of the items vendors had on display were more like last years old remaining stock they wanted to get rid of. What a shame. At least bring the new innovative gear and merchandise to a fucking show. The bikes were cool though.

  26. masterdark354 says:

    why does the front look so freakin ugly

  27. SplatP1 says:

    It is a powerparts carbon kit that comes from any KTM dealer and comes with the orange decals(the stripes)and fits on any RC8 model.

  28. Obrezanin says:

    where can i get the name of this modell..I know its rc8 but i want this colour in particular.. this black whit orange small lines..i dont know the code for this colour..anyone who can help me

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