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Spending a month in Yangon last year for the post-cyclone support, I took a few photographs and made some observations. It’s a beautiful country which I hope I could visit again someday. There are no coins in the Myanmar Kyat currency. Only paper money is used. They said the cost to produce coins would be more than the monetary value of the coin. I haven’t spotted any motorbikes at all, even the tricycles are the pedal bikes. Later, I learned that the government restricts use of motorbikes as well as import of cars. So on the roads, you would see really old – and I mean OLD – vehicles. You know, those box-type cars and those second-hand buses from Japan. When I ride a taxi, I’m so afraid the doors are going to fall off. Some don’t have windows, some you have to open from the outside. And rust… I’m glad I had that tetanus vaccination before I left. On the bright side, probably because of these government restrictions on vehicles and such, the air pollution in Yangon is minimal. For one, my nose doesn’t get all blocked up with dust during my strolls. Although some places aren’t spotless clean, I noticed that in dark corners there aren’t any foul smell of urine and the likes. I also didn’t see any signs that goes ‘Bawal Umihi Dito’ (No urinating here), or perhaps there are but I don’t read Myanmarese. Maybe there’s a law on that, I don’t know. Supermarkets. I don’t now if I already mentioned this in earlier kwentos, but I observed that US products are few.. I could even

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