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CBR 600 SOLD.. KLR 650 SOLD!!!
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This bike starts and runs really well, I didn’t run it for long or leave it on charge for long enough so the battery ran low but I charged it back up and thi…

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50 Responses to “Motorcycles For Sale”

  1. sgtmarkins says:

    So sorry. It sold two weeks ago.

  2. Erika Haines says:

    Im interested in the black n yellow Honda 600

  3. tina camachot says:

    Sir, youre right =)

  4. billmaa says:

    Ma’am, I must respect your defense of the motorcycle….you like what you like…However, the KLR and I have a long, estranged history together…it’s personal hahahah…I’m sure there is a former fellow in your life you would call a “donkey”…. or worse =)

  5. tina camachot says:

    you cant have it, it’s mine!

  6. tina camachot says:

    aww, billy, dont call it a donkey, i like it even tho its a kawi. i know i’ll have to wait foreva for it to warm up everytime i cut it off but ats ok;)

  7. tina camachot says:

    daym! i had a nighthawk same year and all, just like yours,LOVED that bike! i’ll take that kawi dual sport tho for practicallity. i need a bike that can get wet, dropped, and used without worries about being too dirty. i cringe at the thought of my shadow in all the above situations. so, lets arrange delivery asap.

  8. RC62 . says:

    That Z1000 it’s so darn purdy… 😀 lol

  9. MrPolymers says:

    I’m on a tight budget this year too. The two daughters cost me around $45,000 last year for college expenses. I can never make enough money it seems. The Goldwing will have to wait. Thanks Sarge..

  10. sgtmarkins says:

    Goldwing.. Plenty of them down here. Thanks for the job offer I may need it with the furlough starting for me next week 🙁

  11. sgtmarkins says:

    Meet me half way :-)

  12. MrPolymers says:

    I need a good Sales guy in Kentucky. I’ll teach you the plastics stuff. Then, I’ll let you loose in the hollars of KY to sell some of those folks I can’t quite find. 😉 By the way, I may be in the market for a Goldwing next year or so..

  13. aeroliner750 says:

    you deliver to new york

  14. sgtmarkins says:

    Ya aint ever heard of up. They is special.

  15. scrc401firstofficer says:

    oh you don’t know ? a REBEL is the best in the world , i thought we would trade my rebel for all your toys ……

  16. marks4303 says:

    Ninjer mirrors….. LOL

  17. sgtmarkins says:

    Zingggg. Good one Billy.

  18. dafobra says:

    you’re right, but its something I have always wanted to try out.. a dirt bike around here wouldnt work since we dont have trails and within 5 min of riding one on the street it would be impounded.. a dual sport would work nicely.. OTOH I have a soft sport for CBRs.. love to restore that one back with the original paint scheme and all

  19. sgtmarkins says:

    Believe me I have know idea.

  20. sgtmarkins says:

    LOL. I wonder what the shipping would be?

  21. sgtmarkins says:

    They are a steal… Each one will have my autograph and come with a free kitten

  22. sgtmarkins says:

    Funny.. I dont see you as a KLR kinda guy.

  23. dafobra says:

    If I was close either the KLR or the CBR would be in my hands… Seriously

  24. WM2869 says:

    is that with free delivery, to Australia that is.

  25. Idiosynocracy says:

    This was glorious! “It’s cooler, and faster than rat shit!”

  26. Mansool Mnasi says:

    how far does it drive on the L?

  27. Brandon Mann says:

    I’ve got one of these… Don’t know how to fix it.

  28. Theskia123 says:

    Sick Duckman! I got a Snap on tools chopper. Same size as this one!

  29. Sacred Society says:

    Yes, there are plenty of companies that sell full size 50cc bikes.

  30. DuckmanCycles says:

    I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean you can’t downgrade the engine size.

  31. Robin Vanovervelt says:

    can you get it this big in 50cc

  32. Yolanda Major says:

    is for sale 6140430

  33. demonsparkx says:

    that thing is so sexy. check out mine its almost like yours but i had a 150cc on it

  34. Chopper Jesse says:

    cool scoot, what engine?

  35. louisbellend101 says:

    what engine is it??

  36. Georgia Lawson says:

    please tell me where you got them from

  37. YAKOVOS says:

    hey great looking bike man could you give me a site that I could check out to grab one or if your selling another one maybe we can work something out

  38. DuckmanCycles says:


  39. Rees Morris says:


  40. DuckmanCycles says:

    On the internet in most cases.

  41. DuckmanCycles says:

    I sold this one and another one just like it for $1200. New, however, they cost more than double that individually once you get done with all the shipping taxes and other nonsense./ After I resprocketed it for higher speed I was passing cars on the interstate. The speedometer isn’t accurate but I’d say I was going 75 to 80mph topped out.

  42. DuckmanCycles says:

    My neighbors make more noise than I do… I’m the quiet one, haha!

  43. DuckmanCycles says:

    The front tire is the same size as some scooters, that should help you find one. Check your local scooter dealers for a similar size. It doesn’t have to be exact, just needs to fit a 15 inch rim.

  44. stsgabe says:

    His neighbors must hate him

  45. Paco Gamez Jr says:

    HI, i have one of the same thing and i need a front tire 70/70 R15 for it i searched for it and couldn’t find one so if you can please help me thanks.

  46. sktmccain777 says:

    Where do u buy these

  47. DuckmanCycles says:

    I live in Florida, it was street legal here, but I can’t answer for California. Check with your local law enforcement and DMV for a proper answer. Hope that helps!

  48. DuckmanCycles says:


  49. DuckmanCycles says:

    I sold this one and another one just like it for $1200. New, however, they cost more than double that individually once you get done with all the shipping taxes and other nonsense.

  50. jnbodybuilding says:

    how much do these cost?

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