My 08′ Tomos Streetmate Racing 49cc street legal motorcycle – [1080p HD]

This is my first motor bike, hope you enjoy. Bike currently for sale, check it out:

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47 Responses to “My 08′ Tomos Streetmate Racing 49cc street legal motorcycle – [1080p HD]”

  1. MrAman1989 says:

    How much I will buy it?

  2. tinderinc says:

    where did you buy it? are you in canada or america?

  3. Angelo P says:

    90bucks for nj

  4. Davius Bunch says:


  5. j5xman says:


  6. skyeric875 says:

    700? My premium insurance from gieco was only 200…

  7. j5xman says:

    850 price..?

  8. j5xman says:

    how much?

  9. MrBitchPleaseGang says:

    jebeš to novo sranje apn 6 ta bol

  10. pWnzDragZ says:

    Speeds are in km/h kilometers per hour

  11. pWnzDragZ says:

    slovenci delamo najbolse motorje 🙂

  12. TheMegi169 says:


  13. armyhobo12 says:

    whats the top speed

  14. camerican101 says:

    would someone 6ft 1 inch look seriously retarded driving one of those on the road?

  15. Prvoslav Vojinovic says:

    how much does it cost and how old are you? 😀

  16. domymontyy says:

    You know what i like best on this video? My country’s flag (Slovenian) on your moped at 0:11 😉

  17. TheReviewScientist says:


  18. zanuha says:

    Not allowed =/= can’t

  19. skyeric875 says:

    Its kinda like a bike but it tugs when you throttle up

  20. umbrellaproductions3 says:

    How hard is it to ride a moped

  21. TheReviewScientist says:

    13 year olds cant ride mopeds.

  22. Yanni mouzakis says:

    Hey cool vid man… I’m thinking about getting one of these things. Should I? I have heard the reliability is poor. What is the top speed? thanks

  23. Matt Olderman says:

    how is your spedometer up to 60

  24. xDBxDarkness says:

    I like those shoes

  25. charlierock7 says:

    This is by far the BEST moped video i have ever seen, nice work man it must have taken quite a bit of work to make this.

  26. supraking85 says:

    yes you take it with glasses on, just make sure you can read a number plate from 20.5m with them on

  27. GtaIVRockstargame says:

    my mate went the wrong way and still passed.

  28. GtaIVRockstargame says:


  29. mrb3n says:

    Come join our new website and members forum! – Lets get of all us on L Plates in one place as one community! –

  30. Tuqac Shakur says:

    10 days 10 days 10 days hahaha

  31. Flashing Service says:

    I want to upgrade my scooter to a vespa gts 250cc, I asume I have to do my theory, then MOD 1 & 2, but my question is can I do these tests on a 125cc scooter? I would rather avoid having to learn gears, as I have no intension of buying a geared bike. Any advice/info would be greatly appriciated.

  32. Shingler4596 says:

    Well i have a Yamaha TZR 50 Which is a race looking bike but a 50cc, insurance for me unfortunately is £75 a month because its a sport looking scooter and Im only 16 but i dont think yours would be any higher if anything its definitely going to be lower but my insurance is going to be with motorcycle direct
    Hope This Helps!

  33. MsRainbowdragon says: will help you decide i ended up going with swintons bike insurance it costs me £11 a month with legal protection its only third party though!!! hope that helps 😀

  34. CactusforceX says:

    now ive started riding with common sense and advice from fellow bikers and I have to do my next test.. I cant remember how to ride like they want me to any more lol.

  35. KING96241 says:


  36. Rafa Xain says:

    hi,i got provisional license 2 weeks now i would like to take my cbt.
    so do i need to take a seat for theory test.usually everybody do for car test…thnx reply me

  37. stayslinky says:

    ye doing my cbt in two days, they said bring boots with ankle protection will work boots be alright? also they dont give u jackets so will a skiing jacket be alright? and i wear glasses so will i able to get my glasses on with the hemlet on?

    asap plz

  38. xZeRoXVeNoMzX says:

    my eye ight isnt the best, would i be able to take it with glasses on

  39. xZeRoXVeNoMzX says:


  40. Dave Bowen says:

    If you make a mistake that we can sort out, yes you will still pass, if you keep making the same mistake and will not listen to the Instructor you will not pass. Simples

  41. xZeRoXVeNoMzX says:

    so even if you fuck up big time you still pass?

  42. Truly Zambian says:

    no problem. but just remember that the whole purpose of CBT is to make sure that you are safe to be let loose on the roads! so if you have a spill, that’s not likely to earn you any brownie points!

  43. v1James1v says:

    Thanks mate :)

  44. Truly Zambian says:

    they are insured. learners are more or less expected to put a few dings in bikes; whether it be dropping the bike or going straight into a wall or, worst case scenario, having a whoopsy on the road.
    the bike is replaceable, you aren’t. so take care and ensure that you don’t crash to begin with!

  45. v1James1v says:

    What if you do crash it or drop it for some reason? What would happen then?

  46. Truly Zambian says:

    yes. you can go on your own bike if you want but, as my instructor told me today, “why take your own bike and run the risk of dropping it and damaging it? take lessons on the trainer’s bike and smash the crap out of it!”

  47. superjohnsonize says:

    do they provide bikes?

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