My scooter has no spark how to fix. gy6 chinese scooter 139qmb qmb139 50cc 150cc

Does your scooter have no spark and wont start? This is a how to video shewing you the diagnostics to find out why your scooter or moped has no spark. Find m…

50cc Mopeds, pictures taken from different sites on internet. Hope you like it :D.
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24 Responses to “My scooter has no spark how to fix. gy6 chinese scooter 139qmb qmb139 50cc 150cc”

  1. bam6972 says:

    I have a 50cc gy6 scooter I bought dirt cheap. it has spark, compression. but it doesn’t have a carburetor. now I tried spraying some gas down the intake thinking it would at least pop once but nope did nothing. the timing marks line up perfect and valves working. the wireing is a bit mest up but still has spark. question is.. should it at least pop by putting gas down the intake without a carburetor??? I couldn’t get it to do anything. I will get a carb for it but didn’t want to waist money.

  2. henry martin says:

    Hi, i could not get the scooter to start, so, I sold it for parts, and thanks for all your help, if i get another scooter i know where to look for help, thanks again, Henry from Ireland.

  3. turbotom20g says:

    How can I run a Chinese scooter with out a CDI box? I mean in the old days and even now, that you will get signal from the stater straight to the coil. It was more reliable that way, I seem to constantly replacing CDI boxes over the past 2 years and it’s getting annoying now.

  4. 99Mazar says:

    Where is this “Kit” to buy on your website? I can’t find a direct link for it

  5. vINathIx says:

    Haha on my sym scooter the bolt which holds the stator in was just rolling around in the stator and mashed it to pieces :L

  6. stix4Him says:

    Sounds like possible valve adjustment time.

  7. paraglidermx says:

    You can test the kill switch with a DVM on continuity test(BEEP)and check for BEEP with switch in on position correct??

  8. Adam Venis says:

    I have had my scooter for not long just over 2000 miles now. The throttle/ idle will slowly die not long after starting it. Also loss of power is noticeable , only getting 25mph out of it now, us to get up to 35mph. Ive changed both oils and don’t know what to try next. what should I try?????
    my dad suggested change of spark plug, ive also seen peole say check the carb.

    Thanks Tao Tao 50cc

  9. paraglidermx says:

    Just check the ohms of a good coil and cdi with a dvm and compare easy enough…

  10. KaOssis says:

    Yep… I had same start up and spluttering problem, changed the ignition coil and Hey Presto… Run’s like a new baby!

  11. TheHeyman1104 says:

    Did someone pee in your cereal? You have to realize that the DIY’ers are not professional mechanics and often cannot afford to take their scooter to one (That could be why the ride a chinese 50cc gy6). So they look for some tips on things to look at. This is a great video for someone who doesn’t know but needs to know.

  12. austin barker says:

    I shut off my scooter it ran fine then now it has no spark I tried the plug and coil already

  13. SVenegas88 says:

    you guys still have the kit? cause i couldn’t find it on the site

  14. zvone adzic says:

    how much it costs me to my mail delivery this part ???

  15. andreezy420 says:

    So my sheke 50cc is not wanting to run right. It wants to die everytime i give it fuel? Could it be that the carb needs cleaned>? Can i run something in the gas tank to clear it out?

  16. osm3u says:

    where can i get a kit?

  17. BlueWindTv says:

    i wish i could transfer all your brain information into mine

  18. BlueWindTv says:

    maybe u need to clean the carburator

  19. irishdmr says:

    Pls I need help my scooter 50cc not turn on , I replace new battery, oil change, new spark plug, new fuse and new fuel, but still not on, 5 months im not used this is brand new I used this 3 me ok months only since I bought it

  20. kotegg85 says:

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  21. verruecktermongo17 says:

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  22. 2tahtimopo says:

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  23. Michael Zinnagl says:

    1:31 is nice haha

  24. kotegg85 says:

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