Riding my Chinese TMS 200cc dirt bike in my backyard enduro track.

Just wanted to upload some video of me riding my 2006 TMS 200 Chinese dirt bike on my backyard enduro track. I bought two of these bikes brand new on ebay in 2006 and ride them whenever I get bored. They are not real big and not real fast, but they are alot of fun.
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*** Timecodes for this video below (click “show more”) *** Lots of footage from my first couple runs with the GoPro HD Hero Wide. Dialing in the camera was easier than expected. I meant to record this in 1080p but forgot to reset it from when I was testing at 60fps 720p. I prefer 1080p not only because of the higher quality but also because the viewing angle is smaller (127 degrees vs. 170). I don’t like super wide angles because it makes everything look less dramatic than it really is, but whatever. I’ll have a go at 1080p footage and post some really cool stuff soon, possibly from the MX track. I’ll probably get in a race soon, too, with the camera filming the whole thing. Recorded April 17-18, 2010 on a 2001 KLX300R in Bakersfield, CA. ***TIMECODES*** 0:39 Chest harness footage 1:53 Beginning of dirt footage 2:02 Loose, rutted hillclimb 3:10 Long, fast hillclimb 5:15 Looking off a cliff 6:55 Beginning of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Part 2: www.youtube.com

45 Responses to “Riding my Chinese TMS 200cc dirt bike in my backyard enduro track.”

  1. Nick Jones says:

    hey i just inherited one of these bikes and i can not find parts anywhere for it. any suggestions?

  2. Billy Bob says:

    a used one is only $1000

  3. kawasakilover272 says:

    If we could afford one buddy, we would get one. Not everyone has $3000-$5000 laying around to buy a good “Brand” dirtbike. WE have bills to pay, and groceries to buy.

  4. Billy Bob says:

    y get those stupid chinese bikes, get a honda

  5. marco colbert says:

    got the same bike, very nice

  6. marco colbert says:

    parts for these bikes are super cheap, u can fully mod them for 200 bucks, and if the motor blows well u can get a whole new motor for 400$, try that with a honda lol

  7. deadknightxx says:

    Cool trail !

  8. TheSAWWclanMW3 says:

    I got a Roketa 200cc dirt bike, maxes out at about 65. It is a good trail/dirt bike. It is a good little bike for fun just not racing, It is a 4stroke. It is good on gas. People will dog your Chinese bike all the time. I just don’t listen because i like mine and it runs good.

  9. nweisbond says:

    There is no speedo so I am only guessing, but about 60. They are greared pretty low and they run out of grears before they run out of power.

  10. summerfest1mike says:

    how fast do these things go because i looking to buy one

  11. svengalie says:

    great video

  12. ATMA3Weapon says:

    lol common pop that clutch and hop over that log.

  13. yamiezzz8085 says:

    the only good thing about that track is the wooden jump

  14. matchettjr says:

    That looks effin fun

  15. 1DirtbikeBoy says:

    u should put more vidz up of this bike

  16. popabigpoo says:

    I wish i had land to ride my bike

  17. nweisbond says:

    I bought 2 of them brand new in 2006 off ebay for $660 a piece plus shipping. They are not on par with the Jap bikes by any means, but if all you want is a fun toy and not a competitive race bike, they are fine. Just don’t expect tooooo much.

  18. tntslade says:

    how much did you pay 4 it ? are they worth it ?

  19. DSINKS says:

    Awesome! Looks like one fun little track!

  20. DSINKS says:

    That is a great little trail Ride!.

  21. brandonjones52bj says:

    Learn how to ride a dirt bike!

  22. iTzOhhCinema says:

    4 stroke’s don’t have power band -.- , Also when your going up the hill drop a gear or 2 so it doesn’t bog down to maintain your speed

  23. Mcsnag says:

    You gotta down shift! Haha

  24. Ezekiel Victor says:

    I rode my buddy’s in junior high but parents could never afford one for me so it took until after I had a good job to get my own and get back into it. Best decision I’ve ever made! Love it…

  25. ManBear Pigg says:

    Ii’m so grateful having learned how to ride a dirt bike before I rode a bicycle. My dad taught me the best of this stuff. Been riding all over the place in so cal and arizona. Went riding almost every weekend when I was young. I want to do this stuff again.

  26. Ezekiel Victor says:


  27. John Giles says:

    wake me up when this boring ass shit is over!!!!!

  28. buttboobtitty says:

    how many cc is your bike?

  29. Ezekiel Victor says:

    Yea was close there… I’ve been practicing and I’m better at staying in the powerband now!

  30. 223bolt says:

    ⬇ I though you were gonna stall.

  31. powkilla91 says:

    why dont u bog out ur bike a little more u noob

  32. APPLECRUNCH199abd says:

    true that

  33. EpicFail1516 says:

    Im investing in getting a 300 and going to my grandparents in tenesee in the hilly part and just stay there for the summer.

  34. Ezekiel Victor says:

    That is the spirit of riding… It’s all about fun and enjoying nature!! Thanks for watching.

  35. APPLECRUNCH199abd says:

    When I am older and can get my dirtbike license I wanna go riding in at a place like this flooring it on the straights beautiful view just awesome. awesome vid too.

  36. SooperHBOMB says:

    Check out the Dirt Biking video i made!

  37. SooperHBOMB says:

    Check out the Dirt Biking video i made!

  38. Dylan kraft says:

    hey Great job guys I am a amateur videographer i love making videos of dirt bikes this was my 2012 summer project ( Dirt 2 Dylan Kraft ) I Would love it if you guys would give me feedback wether it be good bad or an idea for dirt three I want to hear it! thanks for your time and keep up the good work

  39. hydrokyle1 says:

    your the dude who is always riding around my house on his dirt bike speeding! lol

  40. TheLukeo2412 says:

    Alright thanks for answering. I wish I could afford one of these.. =) One day… One day…

  41. thebrokengnome says:

    idk why, but watchin these vids is pretty cool while listening to minimal

  42. Ezekiel Victor says:

    Yes, this one got 45 mpg on dirt, 55 mpg on street from my calculations. It might even get better if you run more street-oriented tires. I ran 80% dirt tires!

  43. Ezekiel Victor says:

    I have! Check out my latest videos. Nice username by the way.

  44. Ezekiel Victor says:

    You need a special “Class M” license in California. (Regular license is Class C.)

  45. lambergini17 says:

    Do you have to have a special license to drive dirt bikes on roads or do you have to have just your drivers license


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