The Funniest Ride Ever (Original)

Me getting ready to drive my new bike. LIKE and FAVORITE if you enjoyed the video!! 🙂 ● Facebook:

25 Responses to “The Funniest Ride Ever (Original)”

  1. ememannen says:

    Nice crotch rocket, bro.

  2. JohnAugustoFOL says:

    hahahah!!! nice! totally fell for it

  3. OXG2221 says:

    you think this is a motherfucking game ..?

  4. beron123111 says:

    optical illusion as it’s finest

  5. danteisbrutal says:

    ofc when you watch it for the second time smartass

  6. gruchogrant says:

    ARE U A GIANT?! ::::::::://////////

  7. suckabagofpenises says:


  8. katieaurora768 says:

    =3 brought me here , thanx Ray ..

  9. thesupermariu says:

    no need to look closely, just look!

  10. ShamariCharles2000 says:

    I Just Got Served.

  11. JordanSchultz00 says:

    Pimp ass Craig David playing in the background! Fuck yeah!

  12. nabas6 says:

    holy shit it May be real, but sound is so realistic

  13. KaiUrfaceisstoopid says:


  14. Kaela Johnson says:

    I am! 😀 I love Ray!

  15. TheSilentGamesPlay says:


  16. keke10124 says:

    whos here because of ray ?

  17. mcpastor63 says:

    Totally got me

  18. autolabsshop says:

    Hahahahaha funny shit

  19. adamunoit77777 says:

    thumbs up if your leaning on your left elbo

  20. anaqi hasreim says:

    Nice try..

  21. penutbutter85 says:


  22. koprivaqi says:

    Nice hahahaha… I allmost got schocked :-S

  23. ismald3wah999 says:

    سحبنا قوية

  24. مُحمد الْحسيني says:

    ههههههههههههه وانا صدقت

  25. zaskolja says:

    мой мозг тока что поемели

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