VIP 50cc / 49cc Scooter Assembly by Scooters For Sale Denver .com

This Video is for demonstration purposes only and should only be performed by a certified technician.
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Looking everywhere for a good video on how big scooters really are? Well, with and BMS, we’ve got you covered! If your buying a scooter online, this is a must see video. Maybe stop by our site and enjoy our FREE SHIPPING!

6 Responses to “VIP 50cc / 49cc Scooter Assembly by Scooters For Sale Denver .com”

  1. jaminjimmy101 says:

    i am still waiting for my 50 cc vip suppose to here from by now it’s payed for but nothing i hope i can assemble with no problems recipt said to add sea foam gas additive and gas and let sit for hr before starting.? i am scared of filling battery my hands are messed up i hope they deliver it soon and it fits threw my back gate cause i am disabiled and can’t carry it up front steps

  2. mikebe41 says:

    I bought 20 of them and now the fun begins to complete them uggg

  3. Medewtysenu says:

    Very informative. The music is a bit loud at the end making it difficult to hear the commentary.

  4. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    – The 200cc BMS Scooter will go about 65-70 mph stock. You can squeeze another 10 mph with a few minor changes like a CDI and Variator weight adjustment. Hope this helps.

  5. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    – Thank you for the compliment!~ I will see if I can get one done soon for you. Are there any specific questions you have before we film?

  6. Croxphire says:

    do you have any video of the CMS 150cc Rodeo Trike Scooter ?

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