Lambretta scooter

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Lambretta scooter
used scooters
Image by psi36
I don’t know much about scooters, but this seems to be a Lambretta LD. Quite rusty, but I guess it’s still used, since it’s on the street.

See where this picture was taken. [?]

Day 59 – My World of Scootering!
used scooters
Image by Scootzsx
Day 59 – Picture My World

Centre row (L to R), Honda SH-50 City Express – Piaggio Skipper 125 – Piaggio Hexagon 125 – Piaggio X9 250SL – Honda Silver Wing FJS600A

This summer marks the 21st anniversary of when I got into scootering, which happened during a lads holiday abroad at my folks place in Spain – and, of course, being teenaged boys we hired scooters to tear about on during the first week. I took to riding a scooter immediately and absolutely loved the experience and freedom.

As soon as we returned to England I started looking at buying a scooter and a few weeks later I bought Scoopy (the Honda prototype name and my nickname for this bike), a red 50cc Honda SH-50 City Express moped.

21-years on, nearly 76,000 miles and 5 very different bikes later my enthusiasm for the scootering lifestyle remains undiminished!

The Bikes

1988-1996 – Honda SH50 City Express – weight: 70kg Top speed: 30mph (restricted) displacement: 49cc 2-stroke mileage: 28,500
1996-2000 – Piaggio Skipper 125 – weight: 95kg Top speed: 67 mph displacement: 124cc 2-stroke mileage: 18,000
2000-2002 – Piaggio Hexagon 125 –weight: 156kg Top speed: 75mph displacement: 124cc 4-stroke mileage: 4,545
2002-2008 – Piaggio X9 250SL –weight: 177kg Top speed: 88mph displacement: 249cc 4-stroke mileage: 17,000
2008-2009 – Honda Silver Wing FJS600A –weight: 247kg Top speed: 100+mph displacement: 582cc 4-stroke twin cylinder mileage: 7,600 to-date

The Editing

I edited the majority of these pic on Picnik with a colour boost and faded HDR-ish before assembling into a collage in MS Paint. I then applied a faded Orton-ish effect to soften slightly.

All the pics of the red scooters were photographs which I scanned and edited and the rest asides from the Silver Wing pic were old edits for a scooter website I used to have that I resized and edited individually in Picnik as I can’t find the original full sized versions.

Putting all 17 pics of various sizes and quality together into one collage was extremely problematic!

As for the burning question…which bike is my favourite…well it’s simple really as the Silver Wing has been my dream scooter for many years so now owning one I absolutely love it. Scoopy will always have a special affection too because I travelled so many miles on that little machine.:-)

Oh, and the reason why there is only a single pic of my Silver Wing is that I already have a whole set of pics of this bike in my photostream!

On the road
used scooters
Image by Toban Black
In London, England

Relative to southern Ontario (if not the rest of Canada and the U.S.), scooters and motorcycles were in use more over there — and it was only mid April.

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