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Vectrixes (Vectrices?)
scooters for sale
Image by Mike Weston
Two Vectrix "maxi-scooters" at British Motor Car Distributors in San Francisco, CA. These are all electric scooters with a top speed of 62mph (100kph) that just went on sale in the United States (they went on sale in the UK a month or so earlier). They aren’t Teslas, but they sell for a lot less, and they might have enough range for my commute, unlike most of the three-wheeled electric vehicles like the Zap and the NmG.

I’m not sure, but these may be the first U.S. Vectrix pictures posted on Flickr.

scooters for sale
Image by waferbaby
Gave Nic my scooter at our combined garage sale.

Their checkered hallway is a perfect spot for drunken scootering (and photographing thereof).

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