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street merchants
sell bike
Image by Dave_B_
All around Vietnam the women walk about the towns selling all sorts of things: from soup and fruit to hardware. It is an iconic scene in this country.

Hoi An, Vietnam

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Retirement 0970
sell bike
Image by mliu92
I finally got around to selling the old bike this weekend.

sell bike
Image by jun.skywalker (enishi hand made cyclecap)
new work → SOLD OUT 
◆素材 : コットン
◆サコッシュ外寸法 : 縦 275 × 横 330 ×マチ巾 75㎜
◆収納時の外寸法 : 縦 100 × 横 140 × 厚さ 35㎜
◆肩紐 : 950㎜
◆腰紐 : 415㎜(ボタンホール 4個)
◆重量 : 約85グラム

◆Material : Cotton
◆Size outside : L 275 × S 330 × W 75mm (The A4 size kind enters).
◆Size folded : L 100 × S 140 × W 35mm
◆String of shoulder : 950mm
◆String of waist : 415mm (four buttonholes)
◆Weight : About 85 grams

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