2010 Literbike Motorcycle Shootout: Aprilia RSV4 Factory vs. Ducati 1198S vs. KTM RC8R

Pictures: www.motorcycle.com Full Article: www.motorcycle.com 2010 Literbike Motorcycle Shootout: Aprilia RSV4 Factory vs. Ducati 1198S vs. KTM RC8R Another year, a bigger battle. With BMWs S1000RR and KTMs updated and new-to-the-US RC8R as an all-new model, the field of liter-ish superbikes expands considerably for 2010. Apologies to MV Agusta for not counting the 2010 F4, but no ones yet signed up to race it in a large-scale series the KTM was the runner-up in the 2009 IDM (International German Superbike Championship). We sure wouldnt mind a spin on the MV, though. (Hint, hint, MV Agusta.) Like the race grid, well now expand the roster of contestants in our annual liter test. No longer limiting the battle to the Big Four from Japan, well eventually include the BMW S1000RR on the list of participants powered by the popular inline-Four configuration. But for now, to start off what has become a literbike mêlée, were first evaluating all the Vee configuration contenders.
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Aprilia releases a track-legal 2-stroke sportbike for the states with its RS125 GP replica. And Motorcycle USA gets to ride it.

50 Responses to “2010 Literbike Motorcycle Shootout: Aprilia RSV4 Factory vs. Ducati 1198S vs. KTM RC8R”

  1. LuckyLe13 says:

    @ratko89 He said it “felt like a i4.”

  2. xXwarstuserXx says:

    why v twins are far more expensive than in-line 4 cylinder bikes???

  3. odoyle2123 says:

    @toxiblu it has the adjustable engine position, wheels that are half the weight ($2600 upgrade – conservative estimate), Ohlins adjustable rear shock ($1500-ish), and a lot of carbon fibre… to name a few more things.. If you add up all that the Factory version has, you’d be saving money to buy the Factory compared to buying a “R” version and adding all of it after the fact.

  4. carsnwomen91 says:

    @toxicblu its marketing… no one else has it, they could’ve even charge 8k and people would buy it

  5. mcturk17 says:

    @toxicblu u mean it cost 5 k more to get a adjustable engine one?

  6. toxicblu says:

    @mcturk17 $5000 and the factory has an adjustable engine position, you can change the rider triangle more easily, but honestly 5K for that?

  7. mcturk17 says:

    whats the difference between the rsv4 and rsv4 factory

  8. thetttttttttttt says:

    @tjohn1986 nope, just making the point that it’s hard to find a crap bike today….cause of the technology

  9. tjohn1986 says:

    @thetttttttttttt I thought you were comparing these 3 to all the other liter bikes and saying they are all the same, matter of personal opinion. These are very different from the rest of the bunch which are all inline

  10. thetttttttttttt says:

    @tjohn1986 yh….I dont get your point lol

  11. ratko89 says:

    4:05 inline 4? its a v4

  12. tjohn1986 says:

    @thetttttttttttt no these are all v. the others are all inline. huge difference

  13. blackwolf983 says:

    Ma che cazzo dici?!
    Magari ridicolo sarai tu con la tua macchinetta fermo nel traffico…e poi non sono le moto che uccidono..bensì chi le guida…dipende tutto dal ” pilota ” se sà guidare ed è prudente in strada non muore nessuno…tranne che qualche automobilista se ne fotta di chi va su 2 ruote!

  14. bobscanfly says:

    @jw11432 1000cc = 1 liter….power of math

  15. drukenhard says:

    @HC130P8419 Have you even seen the 2 of them?

    The Aprilia looks awesome….the Honda looks like a parrot that crashed into a window with 1 eye shut!

    Sorry buddy but they’re nothing alike

  16. jimiot says:

    @thetttttttttttt Gotta say I do indeed own an RC8R Redbull replica and man….. aaaaaa yea you know that song “Jizz in my pants”? ya thats the bike lol im kinda disapointed the BMW S1000RR didnt get in this

  17. jw11432 says:

    @HC130P8419 i guess litre-bike refers to 1000cc and above. i didnt come up with the terminology 😛

  18. HC130P8419 says:

    The RSV front end looks identical to a CBR..

  19. HC130P8419 says:

    @jw11432 Yet the duc has a 1200cc engine…while the ‘hypersport’ hayabusa is a 1300…so how is the duc still a litre-bike?

  20. slrkappa says:

    I love the RSV4. Another big thing the Aprilia has on top of the Duc is reliability and reduced cost to maintain. Anyone who owns a Duc knows they break down alot and cost an arm and a leg to fix.

  21. sax003 says:

    @TychoCelchu We call it dookie or “takin’ a dook” for short, that should clarify it. Just kidding, I’m trying to start a bit of a fire. I’ve heard it called Duke over here too.

  22. OKINAWA78 says:

    All these bikes are ridiculous over kill for riding around.

  23. kj7687 says:

    The 1198S is a sledge hammer; the RSV4 Factory is a Samurai sword. I’ll take the sharp edge, thanks very much 😉

  24. restek36 says:

    @jw11432 thank you so much

  25. jw11432 says:

    @restek36 a literbike refers to any motorcycle that has the displacement in approximation of 1000cc (or 1 liter)

  26. kakamadTOMC says:

    I can’t get my head around this emissions thing, I mean, the entire transport sector (aviation included) accounts for less then 2% of total carbon emissions. what harm is this one bike really going to do?

  27. fat49782 says:

    is this bike oil injected? or do you have to mix the gas and oil before hand?

  28. StanK27 says:

    soo cutee

  29. Copywrightmyass1 says:

    How can u.s.a ban the Aprilia Rs125??? You poor guys, you’re missing out on so much two stroke fun!!!!!!!!!

  30. swiggsy1994 says:

    im 17 next may i can’t w8 to get 1 be fucking fat just piss all over my m8’s

  31. lewisrclark28 says:

    @DKGate7Ultras WRONG, they more efficient as you get a power stroke every 360 degrees of the camshaft rather than every 720 degrees like in a 4-stroke, also 2-strokes usually puts out about 1.5 times the power of a 4-stroke with the same size engine. LOL

  32. lewisrclark28 says:

    @samr500 i’m 17 in 10 days and getting one, i can’t wait, it WILL be awesome.

  33. Freakorcycle says:

    it sucks that nice bike can’t be ridden in the street

  34. BassToThePlace1 says:

    jeeaaaa germany ftw ^^ i have one and i’m allowd to drive it on the streets^^

  35. XactFilms says:

    yeh me too<3 5000euro. i need to work my ass off

  36. 181jose says:

    if a bike has high emissions then how do they drive trucks or buses on the streets that run on pure oil!

  37. mcturk17 says:

    @WeztNinja what are emissions?

  38. samr500 says:

    hopefully getting one for my 17th in a few months wooooo

  39. emotherapys says:

    @christmaspoo911 and move to australia..not illegal here either!

  40. 7128207 says:

    what the hell you all keep complaining about. Bike is always a bike the only thing no matter whether is 2 stroke or 4 stroke. The art of riding a bike is individual talent and skills. Cmon guys we are bikers man. And its legal in asia. I have one myself.

  41. DKGate7Ultras says:

    fuck 2T engine. they are a complete failure

  42. stuntflix says:

    the 125 is illegal, but people can drive cross country in a hummer. hmmm……..

  43. SirEricz says:

    Treehuggers can go fuck themselves.

  44. o0XoJoRdANoX0o says:

    hahah rs 125’s aren’t road legal in the USA? Here in the UK they’re perfectly legal? I love my rs 125, what a machine.

  45. saulsanchez123 says:

    @WeztNinja but less people use them

  46. christmaspoo911 says:

    move to europe.. not illegal

  47. Brain245able says:

    @SexMaster16 :I

  48. SexMaster16 says:

    @Brain245able only because Honda hasnt made a street legal two stroke 125 for ages

  49. Brain245able says:

    125cc….If I get to createa motorcycle this days , id throw a aprilia 125cc engine in it….KTM and Aprilia are the most popular 125cc bikes…

  50. TheCrazyDrummer23 says:

    @TheBike93 oh ok well thx man

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