Motorcycle Reviews: 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R vs. Triumph Daytona 675

Motorcycle Reviews: 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R vs. Triumph Daytona 675 Read full the full story at After besting its Japanese 600cc stable mates, the Kawasaki ZX-6R takes on the best of Britain – the Triumph Daytona 675 – in a Supersport Faceoff. Who will win this battle of objective vs. subjective and style over substance?

Motorcycle Reviews – 2009 Naked Middleweight Comparison Read full the full story at If youre looking for that next bike or just finished rider training and are ready for bike numero uno, boy, have we got a couple fun bags for you! We pit the Suzuki Gladius against the Kawasaki ER-6n in what turned out to be an ultra-close comparison.

50 Responses to “Motorcycle Reviews: 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R vs. Triumph Daytona 675”

  1. rommeldito says:

    Zx6r… gotta love her…

  2. itslilColin says:

    @neffslx so jealous of you 🙁

  3. AntiChristClub says:

    Dont know man the way that engine sounds is sOOOweet,but I dont think it would matter because my 600 has a Yoshimura exhaust system on it which sounds alot sweeter.

  4. neffslx says:

    Got an 09 675. Had an 06 gixxer 600. Daytona is by far the better bike!!! Luv triumph

  5. gregorski1987 says:

    mellifluous hehehe sounds expensive!

  6. StreakingTiger says:


    mellifluous – lol – never heard of that one myself. 🙂 If I buy one of these bikes, then I’m gonna use that word to describe it. Hehe

  7. TheNilsarn says:

    @lanlug ahahah triumph has a bigger engine than kawasaki, and daytona is afterall not a real 600cc because its got 75cc more than the others, and that is pretty much when you compares the bikes up to each other.

  8. fedorkleber says:

    The Triumph would be my egoboost!

  9. tomhalsall6726 says:

    triumph anyday

  10. dlite922 says:

    @korefighter Where do you live? Hawaii? I have an 07 and got everything locally. Radiator, right fairing, stock handles, tires, oil filter.

  11. ScSSwav says:

    @buddybestor lol, wait……can you tell me again about your shifting on your way to work?….

  12. SilverbackGorilla69 says:

    @lanlug no

  13. lanlug says:

    triumph looks great but drives not as good as kawasaki, kawasaki looks good and drives good. sooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. elvio37 says:

    Eu queria ver esse video em Portugues… Brasil….

  15. Eff3ct3D says:

    BlinkyCAb if you want a POV Review

  16. buddybestor says:

    @Regret696 Why 6R…just get the 2011 ZX10R when it comes out. You’re only as fast as how much you twist the throttle….for example me shifting on may way to work…..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……………….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :-p

  17. korefighter says:

    I’d say the zx6, i used to own a street tripple… Was a great ride, but parts/customs are just a pain. Also, low sided the bike ona track, small amount of dmg… Took 2 months 2 get new footpegs ! i mean seriously 2 months!

  18. SuperChargedMustang says:

    I jumped from a 2007 ZX-6R to a 2010 Daytona 675. The Triumph has the better performance but parts are not readily available. So far I’ve had to have frame sliders custom made.

  19. MrRandy1971 says:


  20. suckmydick394 says:

    i wud go for my brain 🙂

  21. mikeymike3232 says:

    ohh its got shiny pegs, now im not gunna buy one…ASS

  22. shine77777 says:

    gotta be kawi!! peace.

  23. SeriouslyOut88 says:

    I’ll stick with my 636… I bet I can pull away from the 675 with it :))

  24. SeriouslyOut88 says:

    @napalm84 Parts are more readily available as well in the states at least.

  25. LiMaMuFu says:

    Let the good times roll….

  26. virgenpelzermnh says:

    She is so sexy and Latino women ** **

  27. Polystigma01 says:

    LOL this guy is high as a kite.

  28. rg0r says:

    suzuki way better.

  29. dhawk00 says:

    @dudeacus 3 cylinder engine 675cc, about 100lbs lighter, and about 3000$ more.

  30. Nayega says:

    These two are pretty neck to neck. I’m not sure about Kawa, but Suzuki uses steel frame to save costs which adds a bit weight.
    I would still get the Gladius (it looks better IMO), but maybe get some better padded seats.

  31. writersmovement says:

    Want Motorbike Manuals for Free? – ** freemotorcyclemanuals (dot) net **

  32. adder80 says:


    if they want your business, they’ll find another gladius for you at another dealership and have it shipped.

  33. vcdcuth says:

    Have ER6N for two months. Only has 600 miles still in breaking point. Never rode Gladius, I started with N250 1st bike, Ducati M750 2nd bike. I like my 98 Ducati but too expensive to maintain. Hovever my Ducati was air cooled and carb. My ER6N is FI and liq cooled. ER6N has much more pick up and pep than my 98 Duc.

  34. GibsonElectricI says:

    It is very powerful so you will difinetly be able to mature as a biker on it. I have owned it for 3 monthes as my daily commuter and it is perfect for me. It will be fine, but remember you gotta be safe dont skimp on safety gear either. New riders will be right at home on the er-6n with plenty of room to mature. Be safe and you will love your new bike

  35. GibsonElectricI says:

    I would go with the er-6n. I dont have experience with the gladius but the er-6n was my first bike and I love it. I am 5’8″ and at 5’6″ you will be comfortable on the er-6n. I can comfortably touch the ground and if I was 5’6″ I could definetly still ride this bike. My suggestion is go to the dealership and sit on it if you feel good on it you will do just fine.. I would say this bike is suitable for people even of 5’3″ in stature. You will enjoy it but definetly go sit on it in person.

  36. GibsonElectricI says:

    listen guys dont go with the gladius. I got a er-6n and it is a wonderul bike. Much sexier than the ducati or the gladius. I get compliments all the time. It is very fast and very fun to ride. You will love it , if you can afford it buy it new you wont regret it. I financed it with helmet and gear and I dont regret it. I got it and I dont regret it. Awesome bike and be aware that any of these bikes can kill you so be safe people seriously have someone train you if its your first bike

  37. Bigmike3023 says:

    @odracirseraoseia1999 Don’t have it in America unfortunatley. It’d be nice if they did though.

  38. odracirseraoseia1999 says:

    Yamaha XJ6.

  39. portchugez says:

    some one please help im 5’6” and i was leaning mostly towards the gladius but i do not like the blue and white i went to a dealer and they said that they only have one gladius left and its in blue there not goin to get anymore until spetember!!! but i want to know which bike is better the gladius or er6n?! im getting a bike really soon some one help! 🙂 thanks

  40. odracirseraoseia1999 says:

    These bikes aren’t really for tall people. I’m 5ft9,5in, I own a Hornet 600 and I’ve riden both of these 2, and I’d say they’re built for 5ft5in – 5ft11in frames. You’d feel cramped and tired of the wind resistance in your head and torso.

  41. forrest225 says:

    I like the ersixn’

  42. DKGate7Ultras says:

    @dudeacus much costing too

  43. LANKYNIBS9000 says:

    either the first dude is drunk or trying to hide an accent. I vote drunk.

  44. dudeacus says:

    Triumph’s Street Triple would put both of these bikes to shame….much better looking, sounding and performing than bothese two.

  45. DKGate7Ultras says:

    hey guys, has gladius abs?

  46. gseeno says:

    Im 6’3 and Im looking to get the er6n in a month or so. Any tall guys out there ride this bike? were you cramped at all?

  47. joekuta says:

    thanks, easy review good points for good easy bikes

  48. hugodacosta says:

    First you need to be sure if you want a 2 cylinder or a 4 cylinder, because the driving is different. I prefer 2 cylinder because I drive more in the city ans in curvy roads. I have the Kawasaki.

  49. addiedaddy06 says:

    Bigmike 3023, I have the 2009 Candy Plasma Blue. I love this bike. Yes, Kawasaki is coming out with a new color for 2010. It will be black. I believe it will be flat black though. Love it or hate it, it’s still black. Gotta get this bike. So much fun!!

  50. Bigmike3023 says:

    I prefer the Kawasaki to the Suzuki. The Gladius is nice, but I like the funky styling of the ER-6n. The big downfall is the color as it is for many. It’s not bad, it’s just kind of ehh. But a Kawi rep told me that they are coming out with another color in the US next year. Hopefully black, but we’ll see!

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