Stop the ban on motorcycles for kids

Up and coming LeoVince rider Josh Serne wants you to stop the ban on kids motorcycles and ATVs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

little kids jumping a ramp
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Stop the ban on motorcycles for kids”

  1. SLobberTiZE says:

    what kind of fatass kid would eat his bike? its not like kids would chew on the bikes for fun…

  2. bipod11 says:

    only in america is it easyer for a kid to get a gun than a bike 🙂

  3. Tommy13Boi says:

    do you know wat kind of street bike he was ridin on

  4. Brain245able says:

    65-Loris Capirossi moto number! I see the next Loris Capirossi 😛

  5. GasMask187 says:

    Were do they have this law at?Because it sure isn’t around where I live.

  6. Brain245able says:

    im around 9 yrs old and im located in the RO can you help me? i really want to race like Josh Serne , but in my own country

  7. DrAgOnBoY63 says:

    if we stop it than kids have to take driving license :/

  8. pascalskydrome says:

    the kid should just keep riding hard … your passion and go ahead! big up! 🙂

  9. ridemx150r says:

    Hyperbeat96 u are a compleet fucking retard the kids out there having fun and doing what he loves to do . But some fucking retard law maker trys to make a name for himself and fucks with the kid dreams and other kids like him .and the kids rite where will the other champs come from. Deffinetly not from a fucking dagger like u that’s for sher.

  10. skysong1414 says:

    tuff boy! I hope my future children would be just like ya. I support! Play your “sport” (as riding is just as important as say football… and no more dangerous) be safe and have fun. No band on kids riding!

  11. yzkx711 says:

    good job obama bin laden=/

  12. jamodabestdood says:

    Good luck

  13. radman3120 says:

    hyperbeat96, you’re an idiot

  14. dirtbikekid82 says:

    shut up you freakin nerd. your a fagget get a life. just cuz suck at motocross doesnt mean you have to hurt little kids. your a faggettt dont ever leave a comment like this again.

  15. hyperbeat96 says:

    How about NO It’s the law kid… No video is going to stop Politicians change the law for some little 8 year old to have some fun and kill himself its for your own good so that you don’t kill your self I’m sure you don’t want to die wait till your older then ride but ride offroad though kid…

  16. 1artemio says:


  17. leovinceusa says:

    Where are you located in the U.S.?

  18. 1artemio says:

    hey im 14 do you know where i can road race iv lookeed all over the web and found nothing

  19. saipanjake says:

    america isnt a free land if we have laws like this so all of you put your hands up and protest that stupid ass law

  20. krodey says:

    Isnt funny how President Obama Congratulates Jimmy Johnson and procedes to say that Jimmy started out in motocross, then made his way to Nascar. Not sure when it was taped but watched it 1:50am 8/20/09 ESPN2HD. Where would he be now if it wasnt for Motocross

  21. weeeezzll says:

    I had no idea this was even happening. Thanks for getting the word out.

    Let your members of congress know how you feel about this:

    replace [dot] with .

  22. choppamx says:

    how can america be called the land of the free? with laws like this?

  23. MUTCHY25ENGLAND says:

    good look mate all the best in the future i am 7 and i dont no what i would do if i could not ride mx

  24. felixfreeskier says:

    i love what you do keep on


  25. tinifatcat14 says:

    hey fellas im only 14 and next september im going to get my permit and im thinking about going to a bike class for a weekend so when i do pass are there any suggestions for a starter bike? i like supersport bikes but nothing to fancy or too fast i was thinking of a ninja 250.

  26. barcelonatimes says:


  27. midnight9able says:

    wow my baby cousin could do that

  28. 4900SA says:

    the seat on the honda is about to come off!

  29. Brain245able says:

    how old are they?

  30. Brain245able says:

    what age are they?

  31. Brain245able says:

    what age are they…around 8-10 years old?

  32. dtyson3 says:

    great job guys fearless 😀 i wish my street was this leanient if thats how you spell it :L i would be told t shuv it n go sumwer else!

  33. John92YJ says:

    the kids on the 2 strokes are landing good for the ramp there hitting. keep it up

  34. florifilho says:

    That’s how you discover the talents and the champions! Congratulations kids!

  35. retrostunna1000 says:

    the kid in the yellow is better the other’s look like they break b4 the jump he just goes for it

  36. cheezor1 says:

    if i was your neighbour id sex you in the bottom

  37. WickedG5150 says:


  38. familyguyfanclub123 says:

    the kid in the yellow is good for a rookie but i can get 50 ft in the air and land

  39. cody8822 says:

    If I was your neighbour I’d drive my truck over that ramp.

  40. Nonester34 says:

    kid on the suzuki is the best. hes not affarid

  41. BulldogmandudeakaME says:

    paste this to every video you watch and watch it take over youtube!

  42. catatonia1 says:

    good work guys ,i would hate to be your neighbor lol

  43. rwerle12 says:

    the kid on the suzuki got good air.

  44. Wade422yamaha says:

    i just put my hand over my face and shook my head…..its a little bitty wooden ramp…come on

  45. PurpleHazeGoofyGrape says:

    that was awesome! looks like fun!

  46. stonedonganjaweed says:

    i agree other 2 pair pull ur balls out ya arse’s

  47. jonathan729332 says:

    do yall think ur gettin air ?

  48. meenandgreen says:

    good job, kid in the yello is good, every body else was just falling off the jump

  49. YZ250FRider93 says:

    i would hate to be ur neighbor

  50. homieskilletbiscuit says:

    they suck thier horrible

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