Drawing a Motorcycle in MS Paint

YAMAHA YZF R-1 in MS Paint… Have fun. Tools used: -Camtasia studio 3 -MS Paint -Adobe Premiere Pro -VirtualDub -Optical Mouse

Products Used Below, Please rate if this helps 🙂 How it looked before – bmxmuseum.com similar primer to what i used – paint-and-supplies.hardwarestore.com the exact blue i used – www.halfords.com clearcoat i used – www.halfords.com the decal font (size 36) – www.dafont.com Diamondback Homepage – www.diamondback.co.uk Music, The Bake Sale EP at Amazon – www.amazon.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Drawing a Motorcycle in MS Paint”

  1. ledbthand says:

    from across the room that looks like a picture lol, the gas tank lid looks a little funky but other than that its bitchin!!!

  2. Ryanz339 says:

    Awesome thumbs up if you agree

  3. lolizorz says:

    u are the best !!! keep up the good work

  4. SogMosee says:

    uhh… je m’appelle? Ca va?

  5. B34TM3 says:

    wow, it looks fucking real 😮

  6. Eeveemon13 says:

    29 ppl missed the thumbs up…

  7. superavispa says:

    que sepas que eres un genio shukei01. podias diseñar una propia y enviarsela a yamaha igual te contratan como diseñador, que currazo.
    un URRA por shukei01. URRA

  8. Gabranger99 says:

    0:00 to 8:44 is the best part , Thumb up , if your agree ! 😉

  9. bubbawaba98 says:

    Dude, that is f***ing AWESOME! Keep up the great work!

  10. aglegro says:

    omfg..so awesome

  11. TheUltimatedShow says:

    that aint possible whit paint :O awesome job man 😀

  12. CallaLily76 says:

    you drew that in MS Paint!!! brilliant!

  13. utkarshsood says:

    I bow to thee!! pls take me in your fold…. 🙂

  14. pabloalcr says:

    Yeah! Stratovarius at the end, now this is my favorite MS Paint insane speed painting video! Great Job man, thumbs up of course!

  15. TheValaki9610 says:

    to fast

  16. jwollman34 says:

    amazing… you just made my bike.

  17. Inventpreneur says:

    You prove that it is not the software, but the user!! Majestic

  18. kurtattard says:

    i cant even make a straight line :s

  19. shinleung says:

    you are crazy!
    i cant even do it in photoshop with hundreds of layers.

  20. TheJumpingChris says:

    alda loool was er mit paint hinbekommt ey …omg dagegen sieht meine die ich gemacht hab arm aus…wie geil das aussieht respekt alda respekt

  21. ThaNiksu says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAX? OMG this can’t be possible?? this dude is a Psycopath ;DD nice vid really !!

  22. DODDSY28PS3 says:


  23. EasternFreakOUT says:


  24. DAY7703 says:


  25. xsporian says:

    Did u use a tablet

  26. NormalPersonEveryday says:

    Okay video but terrible music…

  27. RainbowsHaveEyes says:

    @Jctotallyrocks yah what is ur point?

  28. KILLER6232 says:

    nice but u need to take apart the head set and the botom bracet and cover them so you dont get paint in the also never paint your wheels cuz itll mess with the bearing and take of your chain

  29. limezy2 says:

    im planning on painting mines yellow , ehm so u sand it down then do u apply yellow primer or white primer ?? then yellow base then lacquer ?

  30. Elcarlillos100 says:

    send me the name of the kind of paint u used n the materials u used the protective coat n all that stuff i got a dyno nsx 1996 n i wanna repaintit

  31. STRIMIX says:

    wasup with the seat? why so high:O or is this flatland?

  32. DrkTr00per says:

    doesnt sanding it make deep scratches that u’ll be able to feel after painting your part….? can someone respond >


    it looks nice lol..but i really dont like that bike lol..you should get a premium deathtrap ..juz like mines…check it out..

  34. mrjoek1084 says:

    why didnt u take everyting apart instead of taping it up

  35. PhilMalekTV says:

    ahahahhahahahahahahah nice funny

  36. Speedskater43 says:

    Howd u sand it and was it with a 600 sand paper

  37. blood7bits says:

    hey how did u cut out the leters from the paper so perfectly

  38. SuperNagatomo says:

    did u spray paint or paint using brush???

  39. masterdebo1 says:


  40. TheBmxBeginner says:

    how do you sand it

  41. player549 says:

    song name??

  42. NWforager says:

    could use white brake pads . i dig the diy DB stencil , smart and cheap

  43. iamwood says:

    i thought this video was handy i been working on some decals and graphics for some scooter designs i am working on and yes i am lame and ride a scooter instead of a bike but different strokes and i think this bike turned out nice

  44. lighthead5000 says:

    Im trying to cut out some decals but when i try to download fonts off that website the download says save to file and when i click “ok” the font isnt anywhere on Microsoft word. any suggestions

  45. ivan8348 says:

    thanks for the tip where u print the name

  46. xxEreZxx says:

    damnnn badass paint job !@

  47. hahabunny says:

    excellent job

  48. Mrwatson52 says:

    @adiopug The Cool Kids, Black mags

  49. cdseatpizza says:

    @Vine5563 use a stanley knife 🙂

  50. adiopug says:

    wats the name of the song

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